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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Some Pakistani Actresses Before And After Plastic Surgery (Video)

Miss France Became Miss Universe 2017 In Beauty Contest At Manila

Miss France, Iris Mittenaere was crowned Miss Universe. Iris, 24, is a dental surgery student from Lille in the north of France, she beat 85 of world's most beautiful women at the event in the Philippines scheduled for primetime viewing in the United States. She edged out Miss Haiti, the first runner up and Miss columbia, the second runner up. In the final question Miss France highlighted the benefits of open borders when asked about the global refugee crisis. Philippines agreed to host the pageant as a part of efforts to draw tourists and investors.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Some Beautiful Female Politicians Of Pakistan (Video)

Important Events In The World On Internet During January 2016

January 201600: ** Jan 01:- Dubai skyscraper "The Address" burns as New Year rung in. Fir started on 31st. ** Jan 02:- Saudi Arabia executed 47 alleged terrorists, including Shia cleric Nime Al Nimr. **-Jan 03:-
Jimmy Butler breaks Michael Jardon's Chicago Record for points in half, scoring 40 of his 42 points in the second half to lead the Bulls in a 115-113 victory over the Toronto Raptors. ** Jan 04:- Colombo's Gemology Institute certified largest ever blue star sapphire 1404.49 carats found in a Sri Lankan mine in August 2015. ** Jan 05:- First batsman to ever score 1000 runs in a single innings in cricket is a Mumbai schoolboy Pranay Dhandwade and is 1009 not out. ** Jan 06:- North Korea states that they had successfully tested a thermonuclear weapon. ** Jan 08:-
Mexican president Enrique announced the recapture of drug lord Joaquin El Chapo six months after he escaped prison. *8 Jan 10:-
73rd Golden Glob "The Revenant, The Martian" was won by Leonardo DiCaprio. ** Jan 13:- Record Powerball lottery held in America -$ 1.6 billion (three winning tickets). ** Jan 16: First ever flower grown in space-- A zinnia aboard the International Space Station using NASA Veggie system. ** Jan 17:-
Fourth Democratic presidential candidates debate- Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clash over healthcare gun control in Chaleston, South Carolina. ** Jan 18- World's 62 richest people are as wealthy as half the world's population according to repor published by Oxfam. ** Jan 19 :-
Sara Palin officially endorses Donald Trump's presidential bid at a Trump rally in Ames, Iowa. ** Jan 23:- Zika virus outbreak in Brazil prompts Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Jamaica recommends women pregnancies up to 2 years. ** Jan 25:- British rowing team becomes first female first female crew and first crew of four to cross the Pacific-San Francisco to Cairns in 257 days. ** Jan 30:-
104th Women's Australian Open- Antelique beats Serena Williams (6-4, 3-6, 6-4). ** Jan 31:-
104th Men's Australian Open- Novak beats Andy Murry (6-1, 7-5, 7-6)

Firing In Quebec City Mosque In Canada Killed five and Injured Many (Video)

At least five people were killed and many more injured when gunmen opened fire on Muslims praying 'Isha' prayer in a mosque in Quebec city of Canada. At least three gunmen fired on 40 Muslims in mosque at 0800 PM in Quebec city Islamic Cultural Centre. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately responded on Twitter writing Canadians grieve for those killed in cowardly attack on mosque. The attack came after days of protests against Trump "Muslim" ban's executive order. Protests erupted across the country in response to immigration restrictions.
In response to Trump's executive orders Canadian Prime Minister remarked that his country remained open to all immigrants.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Singer Momina Has Broken Up Engagement With Ali Naqvi

Coke studion sensation Momina Mustehsan and her US-based fiance Ali Naqvi have reportedly broken up with four months fiance. However, the reason behind the sadnews is not known yet. She was engaged to Ali Naqvi in September last in a private ceremony in which close friends and relatives participated. She had herself broke the news of her engagement on Twitter. The news came to surprise and heartbreak to the fans. Ali is a banker in the USA.

Pippa Middleton And James Mathew's Wedding Will Be In May This Year

just after four months, the world's most famous bridesmaid, pippa Middleton will finally be the bride. Middleton's manor house in Bucklebury, with its sweeping lawns and fragrant rose bushes, is the perfect place to marry off daughter in grand English style. On May 20, Michael Middleton, salt and pepper dapper in his morning coat, will walk younger daughter Pippa down the aisle of St Mark's Church, in nearby Englefield to marry her hedge-fund beau, James Mathew, 41.
Keen to showcase her enviable figure on the big day, Pippa is on a keep-fit regime even more impressive than usual.
Pippa and James are heading tp parents' five star hotel Eden Rock in St Barts before the wedding, as they missed seeing them over Christmas and New Year.

Miss Universe Contest Begins In Manila

In the above photo contestants for Miss Universe pageant are from left front row, Anshel of Israel, Sergio of Italy, and Isabel of Jamaica walk on ramp during the preliminary competition at the mall of Asia Arena, in Manila. A total of 86 contestants are participating in pageant on Jan 30.
Above are Miss Universe contestant from left front row, Piazza of Peru, Medina of Philippines, and Krazan of Poland walk on the ramp.
Krista facing camera of Mexico,
Contestants from left Berber of the United States, Carter of the US Virgin Island, Mariam of Venezuela and Le Hang of Vietnam.
Harimurty of India.
Sari Nakazawa of Japan

Friday, January 27, 2017

Websites Of Fake News Of Macedonia--Played An Important Role For Trump To Win Presidential Election --2

Fake news business is not only the product of internet or ensueing of fake news sites but before this print media too used to publish fake news. From this the term of 'yellow journalism' was evolved. In the print media era the selfish and greedy journalists linked to print media used to publish fake news for money. These fake news not only defamed thousands of people but also caused war between non-allied countries. During the mid of eighteenth century the publisher Jozef of newspapers published in America like Saint Lious Post Dispatch, New York World and The San Franscisco Examiner publshed fake news with sensational headlines that resulted war between Spain and the USA in 1996. During the American presidential election where the fake news websites played abn important role in the success of Trump there the name of a small village 'Veles' in Macedonia was also heard. Having the highest of unemployment rate this village consists of fifty thousand population. According to American Broadcasting system NBC News, Fake news websites are gold mines for the younsters of Macedonia and they have govt's guardianship too. Mayor of Veles said that the websites of fake news are not against the laws of the country and govt also collects good amount of revenues from the site owners. He also said that he was happy if the fraud committed in Veles had positive impacts for Trump. According to Britain Newspaper Guardian's report youngsters of Veles published articles and news in favour of Trump through more than 100 websites, and spread them in all over the world through social media. Before the election copaign of US elections the young people of eles had been operating websites of health consultation. In Romania a website ' Landing The Feed' promoting fake reports helped Trump in publishing bogus reports and articles in his favor. .

Thursday, January 26, 2017

US President Is Expected To Sign New Order To Block Immigration From 6 Countries To the USA

President Trump is expected to sign new order to block immigration to US of the applicant from six countries. At the moment Pakistan is not on the list. But it must be borne in mind that South Asian region and particularly our country is considered home to some unwanted elements; by the USA and India and so is under watch. Currently countries considered for ban include Libya, Yemen, Sudan , Somalia, Iran and Iraq. At this time attitude towards Pakistan remain uncertain. If immigration continues to allow Pakistanis to enter US, Pakistanis can still expect nerve-wracking interviews with immigration officers and longer wait time for special security screening at US airports and will be more agonising than what they enjoyed before. Further more, in the face of all this melodrama, even if they are accepted into the country, they will fell like 'second class' citizens.

Govet May Allow Screening Of Indian Films In Pakistani Cinemas

Pakistani cinema houses will again start screening Indian films nearly four months of ban on movies from across the border over military tension. According to information department a notification in this regard is likely to be issued soon from PM's secretariat. The Indian films "raees" and 'Kaabil' likely to be screened in cinemas this week. The suspension of exhibition of Indian films came after Bollywood producers banned Pakistani actors in Indian films. Financial consideration also motivated the lifting of ban as cinema owners were making losses. The old policy of the screening of the Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas will be maintained. A private Pakistani TV channel has already purchased Indian movies 'Raees' and 'Kaabil' after paying advance money to Indian distributors.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Websites of Fake News-- The Latest Form Of "Yellow Journalism"--1

The results of US elections held in last November stunned the world. The result was the mostly against analyses and estimates. Now the mad and prejudice person like Donald Trump has too office of the president of the most pwerful country for next four years. There are several factors on the back of success of Trump among which the most important role is that of fake news websites on internet and social media sites. Thousands of fake news and articles in favor of Trump on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other fora paved the way for his success in presidential election. These fake news and articles were more liked and shared than original news through social media throughout the world. The tradition of sharing the news without verification cleansed the way for Trump to reach white house. Working as comedy websites, or for any propaganda compaign or on some agenda, these websites have levelled path for success of many political leaders in the world and these websites are responsible for massacre of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar. Now let us have a look on the impacts of these fake news websites. Here are some of the major fake news websites. Owned by Jestin Coler, mimics the URL. Design and logo of ABC news, Designed to imitate, was used to issue a false report announcing that Twitter had received an USD 31 billion takeover offer the false report resulted in 8% stock price spike of Twitter. The site is defunct now.,,,, Empire new, Empire sports, the enduring vision and several others. The fake news websites that are also called "hoax" news websites use social media on large scale to bring traffic to their sites. The basic aim of these websites is to gain financial and other benefits and to publicize in favor or against any specific religious or political party instead of providing entertainment or true information. These websites are involved in spreading fake news against or in favor of political parties and mostly in countries like Pakistan, America, Germany, Philippines, Sweden, Myanmar and several other countries of the world. These websites are run from Maqdoonia, Russia, Romania and the USA or their lands are used for operating these sites.

A X-Rated Tape Of Boxer Aamir Khan Has Been Released On A Major Porn Site

A s*x tape featuring Pakistani-Britain boxer Aamir Khan has reportedly been leaked to a major US porn site. It is believed that the woman in the footage first met the boxer in 2010 and video was made shortly after Aamir Khan marred Faryal Makhdoom in 2014. There are also reports that three other X-rated videos of the boxer were being offered to the websites, at the time. There is a mortifying moment for aamir. He is a Muslim boxer and his personal life is under the microscope now. There had been rumors about the videos for years but now anyone who wants to view these videos on internet for free can do so. These videos hae been leaked at a time when his personal life is in turmoil. His wife Faryal took to Snapchat and accused in-laws of domestic abuse.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maryam Nawaz Is Beneficiary And Owner Of Panama Off Shore Companies-- German Newspaper

The German paper reported that in the company's record the certificate as owner of Minerwa company issued by Samba Bank, telephone number and addresses of her Lahore and London residences are included. The newspaper in its Twitter has presented certificate issued by Samba bank that Maryam Safdar is our respectable customer of Samba Tahlia Bank branch since 2002, It includes those documents too that shows a letter which is a proof of her ownership issued on her request by the bank. In addition to this Minerwa has issued documents presenting her email address and Lahore's residence address of H Blpck model town while London home address W 1 K 7-AF is given. Whereas, Maryam's signature are prominently seen on the document. This certificate was issued on Oct 14, 2011. While her source of income is entered as 60 years business. The names of her all the three children Mehr un Nisa Safdar, Junaid Safdar and Moh Noor Safdar are also given. Her passport number is also given in the documents while her passport expired in 2013.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What Is Free Masonery? Its Lodges and Its Members (Video)

Anti=Trump March Of Women Blocks Washington Streets

Hundreds of thousands of women, many wearing bright pink hats marched in Washington on Saturday in a mass show of opposition to US president Trump's agenda the day after Donald took office. The women's march in Washington was one of a series of street protests throughout the country and the world against the new president's often angry populist rhetoric. Trump has angered many liberal Americans with comments as seen demeaning to women, Mexicans and the Muslims ad worried some abroad with his inaugural vow on Friday to put 'Americans first' in his decision making. More than two million people flooded the streets of US cities in a peaceful day of women led protests
More than half a million people also swarmed the streets of Los Angeles in one of the largest rallies of protesters. Huge gatherings were also reported in Miami, Seattle, Denver and Philadelphia, just a few of the dozens of sister marches planned around the country. Tens of thousands more took to the streets of London. Paris and other cities in solidarity with US marches. Madonna made an unannounced appearance to join hundreds of thousands of people rallying for women's rights in defiance president Donald Trump. The pop icon had voiced despair and blamed women following Trump's shock election victory.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump Was Sworn In As The 45 th US President While Protests In Washington And Other Cities Turnedd Violent (PICS AND VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been officially sworn in as 45th president of the USA ushering a new political era. He pledged to unite world against "radical Islam". The inauguration took place in outside US capital in Washington Dc as protesters clashed clashed with police nearby. He is the first president of the USA who took oath with the overall lowest rating. Taking aim at migration policy, international trade, he said "we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength." About 28,000 security personnel, kilometers of fencing, street barricades, and trucks laden with sand were the part of security cardon around eight square kilometers of of central Washington for the ceremony. Thousand of protesters still converged on the capital. Some protesters resorted to violence to express their dislikeliness for the president and his policies.

Plea Bargain In Pakistan-- NAB Smoothened Way To Whiten Black Money--2

Under the American law indictment for theft the accused is sentenced in state prison. But in plea bargain less er indictment than theft is done in which the arrested person may be jailed. Plea bargain is usually practiced in four ways. However, in most countries of the world plea bargain has been introduced in two ways. Firstly those countries where common law of justice system consisting of judges, courts and tribunals is practiced. Among these countries are America, Canada, England, Pakistan and India. Secondly, those countries where civil laws are based on the old Roman justice system that started from Europe and these countries include Central African Democratic republic of Estonia, France, Gorgia, Germany, Italy, Poland and Japan. In Pakistan plea bargain has been introduced through National Accountability Bureau Ordinance 1999. Under this ordinance, accused after confession can deal plea bargain for the amount of money fixed by investigators and prosecutor. In Pakistan procedure is that accused committing crime submits an application to chairman NAB under the NAB ordinance, if chairman accept application then it is forwarded to accountability court for acceptance or rejection, if accepted by the court,then accused though remains sentencee but is not sentenced. He would be ineligible to contest election for ten years, if is government servant will be terminated from service, and can not get loan from banks or any financial institution. however, he will have pay 10 % additional fine along with plea bargained money. The NAB law is not so bad, but the corrupt person must be sentenced along with confiscating his property and looted money. The law is not fully implemented and many corrupt people get free with out paying a penny. In the USA, plea bargaining is a prominent part of criminal justice system, 90 % of the criminal cases are dealt with plea bargain instead of jury trials. In Canada olea bargaining is an approved part of criminal justice system. In Britain conditional plea bargain is allowed in magistrate court trials. In India plea bargaing was introduced through 2005 act of criminal law (amended), This law allows plea bargaining in different cases in which maximum sentence is seven years prison. The reason behind the introduction of plea bargaining in different countries is a huge number of cases in the courts that does not allow full attention of courts on more critical cases if plea bargaining is not done in some cases that saves the time of courts , judges and lawyers and also that of accused. In Pakistan till September 30, 2016, seven huge corruption cases were decided through plea bargaining and according to NAB website Rs 20 billion were recovered from corrupt people through this procedure during 10 years from 2006 to 2016. The seven plea bargaining cases of looted money/illegal assets were that of Syed Masoom Shah special advisor to chief ministers of KPK (Rs 300 million), share holders of Wind Mills Restaurant Lahore, Rao Faheem Yasin, Rao Naveed Yasin and Rao Rao Nadeem Yasin, (Bank Fraud of Rs 208 million, Mssrs Capital Builders Islamabad's Tassaduq Parvez, Munir Ajmal, Saqib Sohail and Rana Khalil Ahmad Khan (New Islamabad Garden) Fraud with people through over billing with out NOC (Rs 440 million), Messrs Tele Town Private Ltd's CEO Mubashir Iqbal, Ghulam Sarwar and Raja Karamat Hussain, Fraud with people in the name of housing society Rs 311 million, and former IG KPK Malik M Naveed, member purchase committee police department KPK, illegal use of pwer in purchasing of equipments, vehicles and arms for police (Rs two billion) out of which NAB recovered 400 million through plea bargain.