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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Wedding That Ended In Tragedy

In December 2016, a Brazillian bride's surprise entrance to her wedding went tragically wrong when the helicopter she was crashed minutes before she was due to tie the knot. Rosemeiri who was wearing her wedding dress and veil died instantly along with others three. The 32-year nurse planned to amaze her fiance, Undirley, 34 and their 300 guests, with a stunning entry by flying into te Flor Avenue in Sao Laurenco, a wealthy suburb f Sao Paulu in a chopper. The groom was in a state of shock as he was told his bride had died. Other victims included her brother, the photographer and the pilot.
A US wedding party turned deadly in December 2016 when a Eucalyptus tree fell on them while they were shooting a group photo. Other party celebrating picnic left the place just before the tree fell and were safe.

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