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Friday, January 6, 2017

Mass Molestation In Banglore, India On New Year Eve (Video)

Mass molestation that took place in Banglore, on New year Eve has brought India once again in to light but not for good reasons. Nearly 60,000 people gathered on MG and Brigade roads to join the celebrations ushering in 2017. The people in the crowd turned unruly and a large number of women were harassed and groped. While the ministers of the province as usual in their statements tried to shift the blame from the perpetrators of the crime to the victims. Ministers blamed western clothing and western culture for the harassment and rape. While victims are blamed, molesters are left off the book. A woman who was harassed multiple times said that women were harassed irrespective of their attire. How else does one explain raping an 11-month-old-baby in diapers for two hours. A woman clad in sari is as vulnerable to an attack as woman wearing skirt.

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