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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Thief Is Making Noise Against Another Thief

The people of this country are simple to the extent of foolishness. Pakistanis always elect corrupt people in elections and when get crushed by price hike, lack of every necessity of life from health facility to drinking water, electricity and when problems press their throat then start crying. Still another time they will vote for the same person. If asked why do you vote for them they say no other person is there for Pakistan. If no honest person is available in Pakistan then do not cast vote. This is all due to lack of literacy which rulers would not allow for masses so that they may not get understanding of good and bad. There is another tradition of blaming the current political personality in power by former leaders and their aides forgetting that what they did with the common man during their rule. Did they make the streams of honey and milk flow for the people, did they make the country paradise for poor, did they succeeded in stopping terrorism, street crimes and target killing. Did they succeeded in implementing the rules and laws of the country?. Same is the case of a young immature leader of a party, whose governance was worst in the country ever. What to speak of corruption and looting national money whose remains are still faced by nation in the form of Dr Asim and actress Ayyan Ali. Can this party show any sign of relief to people during its era. Imran Khan is still seeking of favor of one corrupt party against most corrupt one. Corruption can not be uprooted without a revolution like that of Iran by Khumanie. Killing 10 million most corrupt people out of 200 million will bring this corrupt nation on right path. May Allah bless this nation and save it from corrupt leaders.

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