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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Syrian Refugees--Actual Issue Under Facts And Figures-2 (Video and Pics)

Last year when a first military plane carrying 163 Syrian refugees landed at Parson International Airport Toronto, Canada, the people on board could not think of being received personally by newly elected prime minister of the country at midnight in heavy snowfall. This step og young Canadian PM Justin Trodo was appreciated all over the world, specially on the eve of Donald Trump's statement against Muslims and refugees. On other hand, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to face severe political pressure on the issue of refugees from the right wing parties who had been opposing her decision of accepting refugees. The political parties in Europe gained favour against refugees when in 2015 office of magazine Charles Habdo was attacked in Paris. These attacks changed the views of western world in to hatred and racism against refugees instead of sympathy. During attack in 2016 in France and Germany also strengthen the Merkel's opposite group on the issue of refugees. Though, settlement of refugees in Germany was in favor of maintaining its population proportion. Similar passions against Syrian refugees was also seen in Hungry. Actually western media is also repeating the statements of politicians, who accuse refugees of every terrorist activity in Europe and politicians are politicising it. Though, Syrian refugees need help, support and sympathy.

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