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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maryam Nawaz Is Beneficiary And Owner Of Panama Off Shore Companies-- German Newspaper

The German paper reported that in the company's record the certificate as owner of Minerwa company issued by Samba Bank, telephone number and addresses of her Lahore and London residences are included. The newspaper in its Twitter has presented certificate issued by Samba bank that Maryam Safdar is our respectable customer of Samba Tahlia Bank branch since 2002, It includes those documents too that shows a letter which is a proof of her ownership issued on her request by the bank. In addition to this Minerwa has issued documents presenting her email address and Lahore's residence address of H Blpck model town while London home address W 1 K 7-AF is given. Whereas, Maryam's signature are prominently seen on the document. This certificate was issued on Oct 14, 2011. While her source of income is entered as 60 years business. The names of her all the three children Mehr un Nisa Safdar, Junaid Safdar and Moh Noor Safdar are also given. Her passport number is also given in the documents while her passport expired in 2013.

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