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Monday, January 9, 2017

Bollywood Actor Om Puri Was Killed His Death Was Not Natural (Video)

The dead body of Bollywood's legendary actor Om Puri was found in his Mumbai house on on Friday morning. Majot heart attack was taken as the cause of death. So police registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR). However, Pakistani media has opposite idea that Om was murdered and his death had not the only the reason of heart attack. Pakistanis have multiple reasons to feel connect with Om. Because he played many Pakistani characters and having visited Pakistan several times to participate in film festivals and other events. While Puri was loved in Pakistan, however, there is an Indian who is hated by Pakistanis: Indian NSA Ajit Doval. Pakisnanis' love for Puri and hate for Doval gives us an amazing story. Two RAW agents named Rajesh and Kalveer, under the instruction of RAW and Ajit Doval with the coordination of Shiv Sena, RSS and defense minister Parriker, entered Puri's house in the wee hours of morning at around 330 am and killed him by smothering him with a pillow and strangling his neck. According to Anchor of BOL TV Aamir Liaqat, Om Puri was called by Ajit Doval to Delhi wher the later abused Puri and instructed him to go to village of a dead BSF soldier in Uttar Pradesh and fake a "crying scene" there to mourn the death of this soldier, to repent for his sins of abusing army. Pakistani media also suggest that PM Modi was involved in this murder.

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