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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bill Batori Of Comedy Serial Ainak Wala Jinn Is Begging For Food At Data Darbar Lahore (Video)

The children in 90's grew up watching Ainak Wala Jinn, a comedy serial that taught an entire generation how to dream. Characters like Charlie Mamu, Zakoota and wise old Jinn Nature the show provided children ideal respite from pressure of school home work. Among other characters was Bill Batori, played by none other than talented Nusrat Ara. Though character was negative character, Nusrat's way of rendering her signature line," Bill Batori Kasa Choori, Adhi Meethi, Adhi Kauri." made old and young laugh and cry at the same time. Unfortunately, her stardom faded as quickly as Ainal Wala Jinn's viewership grew up. The actress now 65, is struggling to make her both ends meet in a small rental home in Lahore's Samanabad locality. Originally from Karachi, she relocated to Lahore about 30 years ago. Her life took turn for the worse when the serial ended that forced her into unemployment and poverty. She developed depression and related mental disorders over the course of time. Nusrat's life took rock bottom three years ago when she was left with no choice except tp head to Shrine of Data Gunj Bakhsh for food and money. The actress had been begging since then, until she was brought to Ganga Ram Hospital due to collapsing out of exhaustion a couple of days ago.

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