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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

News And Views ( January 18, 2017)

**-- Supreme court questioned during Panama case hearing truth must be told father is telling the truth or children. Parliament is not a prohibited island that one can hide himself after committing a crime.----Haha ha, If both parties are not telling the truth what would SC do? **-- The chairman All Parties Hurriat Conference (APHC), Syed Ali Gilani has demanded to remove Maulana Fazal Rahman from heading the Kashmnir Committee. He further said does government have no other person to head Kashmir Committee? --Ali Gilani Jee, if one get sun in hand and search for another suitable person to head Kashmir committee, sun will through light on Fazal Rahman all the time. Do not you know? However, you are too late to understand the mentality of Maulana while 200 million people of Pakistan know. I think you are too simple person to get through the secret of Maulana's capabilities. Now be patient. He will be heading this committee under each and every government and Kashmir cause will remain same as it is, unfortunately. **-- The second meeting regarding extension in military courts has also ended with out any positive result. -- Why the parliamentarians should favour national action plan and military courts whereas some of them have personal interests against them and their pets can avoid death sentence. **-- American policy about Pakistan and India will not be changed and American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq was a serious blunder--Donald Trump. The newly elected president posted Twitter message to a woman taking her as Ivanka. The most unpopular president of American history will make mistakes like this and one day his blunder will push the world in to atomic war, III World War. **-- The wife of additional session judge Raja Khurram Ali was held responsible for violence on young maid Tayyaba-- When a young girl is beaten severely in the home of a judge what to speak of other female servants who are treated inhumanly daily and no case is reported. **-- Indian PM said that if Pakistan want dialogue with India then it will have to "leave" terrorism.---- Wah Modi Sarkar Wah! who is carrying out terrorism in Kashmir, killing innocent Kashmiris, conducting terrorist activities in Pakistan and Balochistan through thankless Afghani rulers, see and think about your own black deeds some time, if you have conscious, but that is dead since Gujrat massacre. **--Jameet e Ulema e Islam (F) will celebrate solidarity day with Kashmiris on Feb 5.--- The only thing that Maulana can do and may announce some own new policy to get Kashmir free from the cruel India. **-- The terrorist attacking night club in Turkey has been arrested along with four aides. They were trained in Afghanistan--- governor Istanbul.
**-- Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam? If not now, she will come one day under the umbrella of True Religion in the Universe.

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