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Friday, January 27, 2017

Websites Of Fake News Of Macedonia--Played An Important Role For Trump To Win Presidential Election --2

Fake news business is not only the product of internet or ensueing of fake news sites but before this print media too used to publish fake news. From this the term of 'yellow journalism' was evolved. In the print media era the selfish and greedy journalists linked to print media used to publish fake news for money. These fake news not only defamed thousands of people but also caused war between non-allied countries. During the mid of eighteenth century the publisher Jozef of newspapers published in America like Saint Lious Post Dispatch, New York World and The San Franscisco Examiner publshed fake news with sensational headlines that resulted war between Spain and the USA in 1996. During the American presidential election where the fake news websites played abn important role in the success of Trump there the name of a small village 'Veles' in Macedonia was also heard. Having the highest of unemployment rate this village consists of fifty thousand population. According to American Broadcasting system NBC News, Fake news websites are gold mines for the younsters of Macedonia and they have govt's guardianship too. Mayor of Veles said that the websites of fake news are not against the laws of the country and govt also collects good amount of revenues from the site owners. He also said that he was happy if the fraud committed in Veles had positive impacts for Trump. According to Britain Newspaper Guardian's report youngsters of Veles published articles and news in favour of Trump through more than 100 websites, and spread them in all over the world through social media. Before the election copaign of US elections the young people of eles had been operating websites of health consultation. In Romania a website ' Landing The Feed' promoting fake reports helped Trump in publishing bogus reports and articles in his favor. .

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