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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Websites of Fake News-- The Latest Form Of "Yellow Journalism"--1

The results of US elections held in last November stunned the world. The result was the mostly against analyses and estimates. Now the mad and prejudice person like Donald Trump has too office of the president of the most pwerful country for next four years. There are several factors on the back of success of Trump among which the most important role is that of fake news websites on internet and social media sites. Thousands of fake news and articles in favor of Trump on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other fora paved the way for his success in presidential election. These fake news and articles were more liked and shared than original news through social media throughout the world. The tradition of sharing the news without verification cleansed the way for Trump to reach white house. Working as comedy websites, or for any propaganda compaign or on some agenda, these websites have levelled path for success of many political leaders in the world and these websites are responsible for massacre of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar. Now let us have a look on the impacts of these fake news websites. Here are some of the major fake news websites. Owned by Jestin Coler, mimics the URL. Design and logo of ABC news, Designed to imitate, was used to issue a false report announcing that Twitter had received an USD 31 billion takeover offer the false report resulted in 8% stock price spike of Twitter. The site is defunct now.,,,, Empire new, Empire sports, the enduring vision and several others. The fake news websites that are also called "hoax" news websites use social media on large scale to bring traffic to their sites. The basic aim of these websites is to gain financial and other benefits and to publicize in favor or against any specific religious or political party instead of providing entertainment or true information. These websites are involved in spreading fake news against or in favor of political parties and mostly in countries like Pakistan, America, Germany, Philippines, Sweden, Myanmar and several other countries of the world. These websites are run from Maqdoonia, Russia, Romania and the USA or their lands are used for operating these sites.

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