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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plea Bargaining In Pakistan-- Is Not It A Way To Legalize Embezzled/looted Money?-1

The largest plea bargain in the history of... by TrendsPak

The plea bargain is an agreement between prosecuter and defendant whereby defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a linient sentence or an agreement to drop other cases. The law of plea bargaining in other is not only used in a positive way in financial matters but in curbing other crimes too. If a poor person is caught stealing a pencil or pen, he will either tp have pay 100 times more money to police other will have to spend his remaining life in jail without running any case. While the high ranking government servants, bureaucrats, industrialists and politicians looting billions and trillions of national money, if caught on the spot will have to pay a meager amount of money and will spend their life in the same luxurious way as before and get free hand to embezzle more money. The current example of the corruption, embezzlement and looted money on mass scale is that of secretary finance Mushtaq Raeesani of a poor province Balochistan who was caught during a raid on his house by officers of NAB with 12 bags full of foreign currency worth Rs 630 million, while documents related to gold and properties in other cities was also recovered. At the time of arrest Mushtaq Raeesani was charged with corruption of Rs 1.5 billion. But after six months of his arrest he dealt plea bargain with NAB for Rs two billion. According to director operations NAB, Zahir Shah, the NAB Mushtaq handed over Rs 650 cash recovered from his house, three kilo gold worth Rs 10.35 million, properties in posh area defense of Karachi worth Rs 70 million, sixty million house in Quetta, two costly luxury cars pricing Rs 8.0 million and other properties revealed during investigation worth Rs 260 million was also confiscated by NAB. This is the story of only one grade 22 corrupt officer of Pakistan. While, on other hand Vice president of the super power Joe Biden and his attorney general son had no money to afford the charges of cancer treatment of Biden's son. For which he had to sell his home, but Obama saved him from selling home and financially helped him but he lost his son to deadly disease. So, nations like USA or other European countries deserve to be developed countries and country like Pakistan must suffer due to corruption and having no accountability. In this regard Supreme Court of Pakistan also observed in a hearing that voluntary return of embezzled money by by the public servants under the provisions of National Accountability Bureau Ordinance was increasing corruption and such officers should not be allowed remain in service.

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