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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twin Sisters Who Predicted For 9/11

Terry and Linda are such a twin sisters whose bodies are though separate but their souls are linked. They claim that they had predicted for attacks on New York World Trade Center. These twin sisters were giving interview on radio in the morning program in 1999 when they forecasted for the the 9/11 to happen. They also claim that they had predict for major achievements in medical research that also include research study of 2011. They had also predicted for Wikileaks, Alzheimer's disease, and natural calamities disasters in the world that proved o be true.
Nostra Dams--- A Predictor:-
Nostra Dams who was a French Doctor and Pharmacist predicted about Napolean Bona Part, Hitler and 9/11 log time ago. Any article about predictions and spiritualism would not be without mentioning him. Notra had predicted for more than one thousand events and now historians have decided that more than half of his predictions became true. His those predictions were very important that affected the society to a greater extent.
About his first prediction It is thought that was about Napolean. Napolean was a terrible ruler who was usually called Butcher. Nostra wrote in this regard," An emperor will take birth near Italy who will be a cruel person and he will have to pay huge cost of his brutalities. His near inmates will also call him butcher". In his second prophecy he wrote," A man who would have blood spots of killings of innocent people. He would be worst than the first one. He will be most brutal, wild and inhuman." It is thought that this prediction was about Hitler. He further wrote He will be a child from a poor family of Western Europe. He also wrote about the burning of a great city and it is thought that it was about 9/11. He wrote that sky will burn on 45 degrees and this fire will reach to the great city. It is though the great city might be New York.

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