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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Guest Would Be Able To See Who Is Coming To Open The Door

The residents of flats can easily see through the whole in the main entrance that who is the guest out side. But, now it has become possible that guest would see who is coming to open the door and can decide to stay or go back.
The idea for the easiness of the guests has been presented by the Japanese designer and architecture Hideyuki Nakayama. The presenter of the unique idea Hideyuki has designed the handle with transparent crystal for the purpose. The inside scene is visible due to the specific formation of crystal handle and after knocking the guest can see who is coming from right or left side or from front to open the door. Consisting of transparent crystals the handle is fixed inside the door. Artificial diamond like crystals have been made inside the handle that reflecting light from each other show the internal view outside through a tennis ball size crystal handle.
The Japanese inventor has also provided the facility in the handle for the house owner to lock the shutter of the handle to avoid any peeping from outside when he goes out side. Crystal handle has another advantage for the house owner that he can see the inside view after unlocking the shutter whether some body may not have entered the home. Crystal handle has no camera or device fixed inside.
The crystal handle designed specially for the security of the residents of flats at present has been kept in life style store of Tokyo for introducing it to the people.

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