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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Edgar Kaisi Who Predicted The assasination Of John F Kennedy

Edgar Kassi was an expert American futurologist and his followers called him "silent astrologist" due to respect. It is said that he could peep into the future successfully. He was also considered an expert predictor of twentieth century.
He is credited with correctly predicting the start and end of World War I and II. He had also forecasted about the end of "Great Depression". Great depression was the economic crisis starting in 1929 that had encircled the whole world. During the crisis stock market on world level crashed badly. The whole world was suffering from economic crisis and unemployment prevailed every where in the world.
He exactly predicted about this depression and all the events ocurred in the way he had forecasted. Moreover, he had predicted about the deaths of two American presidents during their presidential tenure. The presidents were Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy.

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