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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Tiny Plant That Saves Home From Being Polluted

Though there are several apparatuses around our homes on domestic scale that have chemical filters to clean polluted air, but now such a filter has been developed that can control aerial pollution naturally. Under the supervision of a professor of Harvard University David Edward, French designer Mathieu Lahaneur, a filter has been invented that can control the particles of damaging gases in homes.The gases include, the smoke of cigarettes, smoke omitted from cooking, and smoke coming in homes from traffic on roads. The central role in this apparatus called "Andrea" is that of a plant. The plant is in the plastic jar having holes on the upper side of the jar.While moving plate is instaled below to water the plant. The smaller particles of poisonous gases present in the offices or homes enter in jar from the holes that are absorbed by the leaves of the plant. The poisonous gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) after undergoing the natural process of plants the "Phytoremediation" and passing through leaves, soil, wqter and roots of the plants come out in the jar that is pushed into the room by the smaller fan installed in the jar. Experts are of the view that every plant can clean the polluted air in the rooms but most suitable plants are Alvera, Dragon Tree and Spider Tree.
The apparatus specifically designed for closed rooms of offices and flats, has been appreciated by the experts of the Research Triangle Park Laboratory situated in North Carolina of the USA. According to the report its performance is 1000 times more quick than other traditional air filters and is four thousand four hundred times better in performance. Andrea Air Filter is is lighter in weight having 20 x 20 inche size and can easily be kept in bed rooms, kitchen, dining room and drawing room.

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