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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark Twin Saw The Scence Of Death Of His Brother In Dream

The renown American writer Mark Twin did not gain fame due to his astonishing predictions that proved to be true. First of all Mark Twin predicted about his own death. He was born in 1835 at the time when heley comet was observed. He forecasted that when the comet will be visible again, he will die. This happened exactly in 1910 when comet was visible on the sky.
Mark Twin also predicted the death of his brother that he saw in dream. He saw his brother's dead body, in his dream, wrapped in coffin and laid in the bed room of his sister between the folding chairs.
After a week of his dream, his brother died in a boat accident and when Mark entered in the bedroom of his sister he saw the schene that he had observed in his dream. His brother's dead body was lying in coffin with flowers on his chest.

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