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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indian Premier League (IPL)--- The Hub Of Gambling And Corruption

During 2008 when Indian Cricket Board founded Indian Premier League, it had kept some positive objectives in view. Firstly, through the IPL, local players will get chance to play with world class cricket and get experience. Secondly, IPL matches would help find new potential cricketers. Thirdly, to attract the spectators back to stadiums who watched test or one day matches on TV at homes. Fourthly, to pay handsome money to the players to make them prosperous through Indian Premier League matches.
All the objectives of starting IPL were good but after 4 years it has been realized that IPL has given birth more evils than betterments. The probable reason may be that IPL was founded on the grave of ICL when the founding brick was wrongly laid then how the building could be stronger.
Today the situation is that IPL is the center of greediness, corruption, black money, gambling and destruction of Indian cricket. The basic reason of the fall of IPL is the greed of money that has encircled from owners of the teams to players. Therefore, the recent fifth tournament of IPL remain under the attacks of scandals.
Among these scandals the most destructive resulted in the suspension of 5 players. A reporter of an Indian TV Channel got exclusive information about the facts that not only in the IPL matches but match fixing and spot fixing is done in first class matches in India.

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