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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kendall And Kylie Jenner Are Queens Of Age Inappropriate

A quick glance at their instagram pages make to know that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the queens of age inappropriate. Usually that means that Kendall and Kylie are partying with older men or posting pics of themselves in various states of undress despite the facts that they are in their teens. The sort of thing that would shock most parents who are not named Kris Jenner into banning their daughters from internet for life. However a photo that Kylie posted on Instagram earlier is unexpected (and arguably unsetting) for totally different reasons. That is Kylie and Kandall are posing with noted German sex therapist Dr Ruth Westtheimer.
Kylie wants to watch her sister Kandall in her modelling element.
Kandall Jenner's instagram photo showing her side breast.
Kendall Jenner topless in Love magazine

Anti-Israel British Parliamentarian Has Been Attacked In London

A person attacked the British anti-Israel parliamentarian George Galloway while he was making photos with public in Notting Hill London. According to foreign agencies' report George was shifted to hospital after suffering from serious injuries. Galloway was making his photos with public on a London street when suddenly a young man attacked him and started punching him. Galloway's jaw and ribs have been broken in the attack. According to the reports the young man has been asking about the 'Israel Holocaust' during the attack. The attacker was arrested on the spot by police. Earlier, Galloway had mentioned in his statement that public should boycott Israeli products over its aggression on unarmed Palestinians.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Myanmar National Was Striped Of Her Title For Being Rude and Dishonest

The first Myanmar national to win the International pageant has been stripped of her crown for being dishonest and has allegedly run off wit expensive crown and breast implant. Her picture was blacked out on organisation's website and has been replaced with the word "dethroned". Miss Myat Noe was crowned with Miss Asia Pacific World. Director of pageant said she has absconded since with $ 100,000 bejeweled tiara and $ 10,000 breast implants paid by the pageant sponsors.

Government Did Not Call Army For Mediation-- Nawaz Sharif

Neither prime minister Nawaz Sharif nor Dr Qadri or Imran Khan are confessing to request army to play its role as mediator to solve the ongoing crisis. On other hand, army itself is never interested to involve in the political affairs and every time army chief met PM he asked PM to resolve the issue through political dialogue. If army intended to involve in politics it would have done much earlier. This reveals the incapability of the present government to solve the issue. Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri were never interested for the army role in the crisis. Now, it is clear that only and only government asked the Army Chief to negotiate but due to the fear of opposition and hiding his weakness PM has refused to do so. Qadri is right to say if the PM is lier then he has no more right to stay in office and must go as soon as possible so that nation get a sigh of relief to get rid of the troubles and difficulties the people are facing every day. Secondly, if Nawaz Sharif lied then he would make army annoyed. And what would be the result, of course, drastic and Nawaz Sharif wants this if he can not rule then the rule of other politicians may be eliminated for a long period. Democracy is just a drama, otherwise there has never been democracy in Pakistan taking from Bhutto's regime to late Ba Nazir and Zardari's. only one man rule (dictatorship) prevailed in Pakistan.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nawaz Sharif More Popular Than Imran Khan? Is It True?

The survey report issued by Pew Research Centre can not be trusted, specially during these days of sit-ins and blockage of red zone in the capital; that shows significant popularity of Nawaz Sharif over his political competitors including chiefs of PTI and PAT. The present government had started losing its popularity, if it had any, with in the first quarter of its rule due to failure in fulfilling its promises of ending load shedding, price-hike, target killing and street crimes. The deepening of the current crisis is also due to the ego of Sharif Brothers. Though, Imran Khan's popularity might have declines because of the difficulties of the people due to blockades of high ways, entrances to the twin cities, stoppage of supply of food and other essential items to the cities and some hasty decisions of PTI's chief. But, can never go down as compared to that of Nawaz Sharif. The survey of Pew is not impartial but it seems paid survey. The baseless survey shows Nawaz Sharif on top according to public opinion, as they say, with 64 % favour after reduction of 2 % which was 66 %before May 2013 election. Imran Khan gained 53 % public favour with reduction of 17 % as compared that in 2013 general elections.
Besides, the full of engineered statistics show amid the hot political weather in Pakistan this survey stated that only 25 % of 1,203 respondents who were interviewed face-to-face from April 15 to May 7, 2014, and majority covers 82 % of the adult population of the country, expressed satisfaction over the ongoing situation i the country. Is it true? Can ant patriotic Pakistani be satisfied over the current crisis in the country that is troubling the whole nation?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PTI, PAT Workers Have Started Digging Graves Around D-Chowk

Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek workers have dug graves around D-Chowk after an agressive statement made by Dr Qadri on Tuesday. According to details PTI and PAT workers have dug the graves on the 'Green Belt' of D-Chowk where Supreme Court and Parliament House are located. As well as they have collected shrouds (Coffins) to possible crackdown by government. Qadri had stated on Tuesday that government may order a crackdown against us so that we should be ready for the circumstances. The 48-hour deadline by Qadri will end at 6 PM on Wednesday. Dr Qadri had stated in his emotional statement that shrouds will have to wear himself or PMLN (PM Nawaz Sharif).

Bollywood's Film 'Bang Bang' Sets Records Before Release

The Bollywood's upcoming flick featuring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang has set two historical records in a row as its first song 'Tu Meri' got more than 2 million clicks in just two days of release. One of the most awaited movie of the year, Bang Bang had smashed all online records maintained in its Bollywood history via gaining 10 million views of its teasers in just 10 days. The recently released song 'Tu Meri' is considered the most sensational dance number of the movie choreographed by Bosco-Ceaser while Vishal Shekar is its composer. The 'expected to be blockbuster movie' is arriving in cinemas on October 2. Bang Bang is produced by Fox Star studios and is directed by Sidarath Anand.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anti Azadi March Propaganda Of PML(N)

PML(N) is continueing its anti PTI propaganda on media. As this picture shows. The picture which is shown as the scene of Azadai March is actually scene from Indian picture. What it can be called, only the low mentality of the persons doing this.But truth can not be hidden. People have known all the facts and change is not far away.

Meera Claims To End PAT And PTI's Sit-Ins

Pakistan's controversy queen and Lollywood actress Meera has offered her services to the federal government to end sit-ins staged by PAT and PTI in Islamabad. She said under the patronage of government she could convince Allama Qadri and Imran Khan to end sit-ins. She said due to 'Dharnas' people are facing great difficulties. She expressed her optimism that both the leaders will accept her request. Why Meera is so confident that she would convince them to end sit-ins, when they could not be convinced by national political leaders. Instead of convincing Imran Khan and Dr Qadri why Meera does not convince Nawaz Sharif to resign and give the election commission to probe into the election rigging cases. She can convince Nawaz Sharif easily rather than PAT and PTI leaders.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Identical Twins In Russia Marry Each Other

Gender-bender marriage in Russia causes some outrage. it is a marriage like no other. Not only are the two getting married, a gender-bender couple like few others, but they look like each- almost identical in fact. According to reports Alison Brooks (19) and Dmitry (23) are getting married. However, the bizarreness begins with Dmitry who is known as Alina Davis. Dmitry was born male but now prefers herself to be an 'androgyne'. It is reported that Alina feels more comfortable as a woman. So she tied the knot with Brooks and both wore bridal dresses. The pair married in Russia an despite of some outrage went ahead with it.

Former Additional Secretary Election Commission Revealed Large Scale Rigging In 2013 General Election

It is astonishing that when government says there was no rigging in the last election then why Nawaz Sharif temporarily leave government and sit aside to allow investigation of Imran Khan's allegations about rigging. The so called claimants of democracy who are no less in corruption are backing PM not to resign because the seats they got in assemblies after heavy investment will go waste and with out giving back the investment with out profits. While on other hand former additional secretary election commission Afzal Khan has said that ex chief justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhary had appointed returning officers (ROs)instead of election commission, in general election. In a televised conversation with a Pakistani private news Afzal Khan said there was massive rigging and corruption in 2013 general election. He alleged that chief justice interfered in the process of free and fair election to result in the present government's illegitimate rule. Afzal Khan said there was an organised rigging in 2013 general election and then chief election commissioner Fakhrud din G Ibrahim did not take any notice of the large scale violations. He also said that retired justices Tassudaq Hussain Jilani anf Riaz Kian were resp[onsible for all the rigging process. While, Riaz Kiani said he was not alone but other election members were also with him. Afzal Khan said it is clear now that there were more than 35 punctures in the May 2013 election. It is understood that why Imran Khan is making such hue and cry because 2013 elections were engineered and pre-planned. Afzal Khan has finally stamped and confirmed the issue raised by Imran Khan. He is right and if it is so, present government has no right to stay.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Camel Urine Makes Hair Longer and Softer?

Shops in Yemen have started to sell a new product which they describe a miracle for long and softer hair---camel urine. "Camel urine for better, longer and softer hair is sold here-- a miracle of all miracles," one shop said in a large poster that included picture of boxed product. 'Aden' newspaper said the product is sold at shops in Aden, Abyan, Lahaj and other cities in the Arab countries. It is not clear whether the product is targeting only women or men as well.

Another Low Mentality Act Of India

Treason case has been registered in India against Pakistani High Commossioner Abdul Basit and freedom movement leader Shabbir Shah on the orders of Allahabad CGM court. in the petition it was alleged that Pakistani High Commissioner met Shabir Shah despite neglecting the Indian government orders not to meet him which subjected to treason. The meet up was also declared in the petition as conspiracy against the country (India). Treason case can be registered only one's own country. Secondly, Is India authorize to register a case like this against foreign diplomats. The USA can get killers like Raymond Davis released on the plea of being diplomat though he was CIA agent.?

A Legal Way To Get PM's Resignation

Core committee of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has discovered a legal way to grab Nawaz Sharif's resignation. PTI's core committee has been apprised by legal experts about findings of 'scope of PM's resignation in accordance with Pakistani Constitution'. Legal experts suggested PTI's elite board to demand,' temporary resignation of Nawaz Sharif until vote rigging probe is completed by judicial commission'. The experts said that Nawaz Sharif will be restored on the post if vote rigging allegations proved wrong. Despite firm demand of PM's resignation, the PTI committee have included the 'legal solution in their agenda of upcoming dialogue process'.

Friday, August 22, 2014

PTI Resigns From National Assembly

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has submitted resignations from National Assembly to the secretary, as speaker speaker NA Ayaz was present due his urgent departure to Lahore. PTI has 34 seats in NA. Resignations of Sheikh Rasheed and Jamshaid Dasti were also submitted. PTI's vice chairman Qureshi said that his party was not against the constitution and considered new elections in a transparent democratic way.

Some Strange Sports-Related Deaths

*-- Raymond Chapman, a shortstop for the Cleveland Naps and later the Indians, has the dubious distinction of the being the only ballplayer to die of a game-related injury in major leagues. On August 16, 1920, Chapman was hit by a pitch at the top of the 5th inning in a game with New York Yankees. Back then, spitballs and other tricks were quite common and the ball thrown by Karl Mays was reportedly very erratic and hard to see. It hit Chapman so hard, it sounded like the crack of a bat. Chapman froze momentarily before falling to the ground with blood pouring out his ear; he died early the next day. After that umpires were required to immediately replace the dirty balls, although helmet did not become mandatory till 1971. *-- it was a Pro-wrestling stunt gone horribly wrong. In 1987, Malcom "King Kong" Kirk and his partner, King Kendo were in a tag team match with Shirley "Big Daddy" and Crabtree
and Creg Valentine. Big Daddy, huge at 6'6" and 375 lbs, was famous for his body slams, and King Kong was certainly no wimp at 5'1" and 353 lbs. However, when Big Daddy slammed King Kong with his "Body Slash", Kirk turned grey and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was later leaned that Kirk had heart condition, so it was not technically Big Daddy's fault. Still Kirk's death haunted him and he retired from wrestling. *-- You might have not head of Zorbing? Basically it is sport where you and possibly a partner or two roll down a gentle slope in a giant plastic ball. This is usually pretty
safe. But there have been a couple of deaths. In January, 2013, Denis Burakov died and his friend was seriously injured in a Zorbing mishap, when ball began to roll out of control in Dombay, Russia; similar death was reported in Czech Republic in 2009.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift's Epic Twerks

Over the past few days, two biggest names of music have released new music videos. First, there was Taylor Swift with "Shake It Off". Next came Nicki Minaj with "Anaconda". And While the tracks do not sound the same, the videos have one thing in common "TWERKING". So very much twerking, along with a lot of booty-shaking, moving and shaking all around in general. With a pair of pop music, superstars continually poppimg their booty on screen.

Army Chief Urges Federal Government For Rapid Solution Of Political Crisis

This can be seen as a light threat to the federal government from army for the first time, who urged the government to resolve the crisis via purposeful negotiations. I think Imran Khan also understood the the hidden message through the chief's request in linient words. And he agreed to commence dialogue. Though his first demand as day one is the resignation of Nawaz Sharif. Qadri has already entered in negotiations.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ebola's New Virus Is Affecting Computers

Ebola has emerged as a serious threat, this time around it is different kind of virus that is affecting computers and networks rather than human bodies. Security expert Symantech has issued a warning that malware and phishing attacks disguised as ebola alerts are on the rise. According to it, attackers send presentations in the name of UAE's telecom service provider Etisalat to get into the systems of unsuspecting users. As a first step attackers send out an email with fake report on the Ebola virus entice victims and what actually users get is an infection of Tojan Zbot malware, Symantic said in its alert. In the second compaign, cybercriminals send out email that impersonates Etisalat with footprints in 18 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The email claims a high-level presentation on Ebola virus. An attached zip file with the title," EBOLA-ETISALAT PRESENTATION pdf. zip" actually executes Trojan. Blueso on the victim's computer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Imran Khan Assures EU Not To Proceed Towards Diplomatic Enclave

Tehreek E Insaaf has provided assurances to European Union (EU) that march would not proceed towards diplomatic enclave and will be peaceful. However, Imran Khan Tweeted that he would lead Azadi March to Constitution avenue and this will be "a defining moment for Pakistan". On other hand army chief met PM and discussed current political and security situation and turmoil due to on-going protests of PAT and PTI. PTI is determined to enter Red Zone and if police stopped them clash and violence will be unavoidable. This evening is very critical for the future of Pakistan. Imran Khan has refused to meet any delegation from government. The situation is tense. May Allah Save Pakistan from selfish leaders.

Monday, August 18, 2014

PTI To Resign From NA and Three Provincial Assemblies

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has announce to resign from National Assembly and from Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab assembly seats. Vice president of PTI Shah Mehmood QWureshi said that they will not resign from KPK assembly for the time being, as there is a coalition government in the province and the allies will be taken into confidence before making such a big decision. He said the decision to quit from KPK assembly will be taken by holding consultations with the coalition partners. On other hand Sheikh Rasheed said the decision of announcing civil disobedience was taken by the chairman himself. The Disobedience compaign does not seem to get success. This decision of Imran Khan was made in haste that will bring no fruit. Imran Khan knows or not he has lost many supporters by making hasty decisions. The political position he had gained over 18 years is lost within a week. Even the decision of long march was not appropriate at this time he could keep this card with him and had to threaten government by announcing to launch long march but did not need to give it a practical shape which got proved wasteful.

Civil Disobedience Compaign Of Imran Khan

Imran Khan! Your announcement about starting civil disobedience movement indicates your disappointment of Azadi March and expecting no positive results out of the March. You have now long experience of politics for which you have presented sacrifices of your life but do not you know this type of movement is launched against the foreign occupants. This movement will have no effect on Nawaz Sharif or PML(N) but nation will suffer. How your KPK government will pay salaries to its employees, how can its share from federal government. Secondly, you might have supporters in millions who may or may not pay taxes or utility bills but Pakistan has more than 180 million population, will all follow your advice, no Khan! never. Khan! you failed and you have march also seems to be a failure. we have no sympsathy with corrupt government. Imran Khan! you mut have made your province (rather my province) free of corruption then you were justified to criticise Nawaz Sharif. Khan! you do not know but I know being from KPK how corruption has increased in our province. You have appointed an inelligible chief minister who never had a visit to southern districts. of course, your minister Ali Amin is working hard in DI Khan district for its development but on his own. Imran Khan! call back your march otherwise it may be too late. You have lost the game. Khan! as far as anti-corruption slogan is concerned all the nation is with you.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Younus Khan Completed His Catches Century

Younis Khan, Pakistan's most experienced cricketer becomes the first national player to complete catches century in Test format. Khan achieved the 100 catches reward in his 91 matches to hold the Sri Lankan player Rangana Heart's catch in the second day of Colombo Test. Indian legendary batsman Rahul Dravid has the most catches record in the Test. Dravid collected 210 catches in his 164 Test.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Imran Khan's Container Was Attacked Near Wazirabad

The supporters of Pakistan Muslim League (N) have once again attacked Imran Khan's container near Wazirabad in Gujranwala. According to reports Khan. vice president Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Sheikh Rashid are present in the container. Azadi March caravan has been stopped at Sheen road due to the incident. Talking to media in container Imran Khan said we were peaceful while but the Sharif Brothers became badass. PTI chairman said < Sheikh Rashid saw the person who was firing on the container". Sheikh Rashid said civil war has started in the country after attack on PTI's chairman caravan and now army will have to interfere. Khan said he will present real evidence of election rigging, in Islamabad. Healso alleged that nsils were dropped on the road to puncture the tyres of the caravan's vehicles. Kha said the Azadi Msrch's container was a bullet proof one. Khan claimed that one million people will gather in Islamabad.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It May Be Too Late To Mend For Nawaz Sharif

When Imran Khan demanded recounting of votes on only four NA seats, PM Nawaz Sharif paid no intention to his request, but now Imran Khan and his party is ready to start Azadi long march to Islamabad, he showed his willingness to conduct recounting of ten seats. It is not understood, why the rulers when occupy palace and throne forget about the interest and benefit of the masses and get busy in keeping their own personal interests on top and only try to save their their chair. Whether all the people get sacarificed or die they do not care. What the present government has done to ease the lives of the people but made more and more miserable. Now the demand of Imran Khan is re-election not recounting of votes on few seats. He intends to sit in till the acceptance of his demands, in Islamabad. He also warned that if police fire on the people whole the country will be made jammed. However, before Imran Khan takes any action government itself has blocked the inter-city traffic, no transport is plying from one city to another of the three provinces, and what would be the condition of the people, every body knows except government who knows but makes people to suffer. The borders of KPK on Chashma Barrage has been sealed and no transport is allowed to enter Punjab via Barrage. Similarly motor way entrances in different provinces have been closed by containers. This is just to save PM house, Islamabad. This situation will annoy the people of Pakistan if this blockage remained so for day or two more and a tsunami of 180 million angry people will march toward PM and Presidential Palaces. It will not be only Imran khan but the whole nation that can make the throne of rulers drowned in Arabian sea. Now it is up to rulers what decision they make, whether they try to save they Houses or the people.? Where the hollow slogans of Qadri are concerned they have no effect on the government or the people, however, police's violences and killings of innocent workers of PAT is condemnable. Dr Qadri after making some hot speeches will soon leave for Canada.

Kim Is Eager To Get Pregnant Again

Kim Kardashian is reportedly, "actively trying to get pregnant again." The 33-year-old reality star recently claimed she is desperate to lose 20 pounds and to get her pre baby weight.
A source told Us weekly magazine, Kim wants North to have a sibling who is not too far apart in age." Kim is now on a new diet because she thinks, " her hips and butt are huge."

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pakistani Commandos Ranked Among The Top Ten Forces Of The World

Pakistan Special Service Group (SSG), known as commandos have been included in the 10 best forces of the world, leaving behind its arch-rival Indian SSG as ten characteristics. US magazine Armed Forces History Museum compiled a list of 10 best forces in the world. Pakistan's SSG got ninth number while Indian SSG is very far away for getting this achievement. Besides, British Special Air Service (SAS) reached to top position while American Navy and american Delta Force got second and third rank in the world, respectively. US magazine gave this reward based on 10 characteristics as follows:- Non-traditional combat capability, foreign internal defence, direct action, freeing hostages, action against terrorists, special care and some other features are included. Israeli force on fourth, German SGS on fifth, Polish Armed Force on sixth, French Army Special Forces Brigade on seventh, Austria EKO Cobra on eighth, Pakistani SSG on ninth and Russian Spertsnaz ranked on 10th position.

Saudi Kingdom Banned Its Male Citizens To Marry Wmen From Four Countries Including Pakistan

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a law banned its male citizens to marry foreign women from four countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Burma (Myanmar). The Kingdom also imposed new regulations to restrict its citizens' marriages to Morocco women under strict circumstances. According to reports Saudi man has to provide clean criminal and health record before marrying a Moroccan woman as well as provide evidence that she is not drug addicted. The Saudi married men who are willing to marry Moroccan women are restricted to obtain formal permission from their previous wives. Moreover, the citizen has to provide a genuine reason to marry a Moroccan woman that his previous wife is suffering from major disease or is disable or sterile. It is noteworthy that new law will also restrict age gap between the newly married couple which should not exceed 25 years. Each citizen is bound to wait for the government's approval after submitting formal application to the special committee which is authorised to allow or deny the proposal.

Aamir's Vulgur PK Poster Sparks Criticism

The Bollywood's renowned actor Aamir Khan alias Mr Perfectionist is facing severe criticism from various fan circles due to just released a nude poster of his upcoming flick PK. Just after few days of the poster's release, an Indian Advocate Manoj Kumar moved to the court against filmstar's nude exposure in the PK poster calling it promotion of 'vulgarism'. The 49-year-old actor is standing nude on a railway track with an old-fashioned tape-recoded hardly covering his private body parts, while poster has reached million of people including the children and elderly via newspapers. The movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani will hit cinemas on December 1, which is starring Aamir with another Bollywood queen of blockbusters Anushka Sharma.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Imran Khan's Family Has Searched Bride For Captain

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf's chairman Imran Khan was once again targeted but this time it is not from the terrorists or political rivals but from his own family. According to reports Khan's family want to see 'married Imran Khan'. Though Khan himself did not comment or showed any reaction on the information. Sources close to Imran Khan climed that his sister and other family members hace completed the search for the bride. Imran Khan was born on November 25, 1952 and has two sons Sulaiman Khan and Qasim Khan from his former Briton spouce Jemima Khan. sixty-one-year old Cricketer turned politician tied knot with Jemima in 1995 and after nine years the marriage was culminated at sudden separation in 2004. Sources further claim that new bride will be from within family of Imran Khan.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ISIS Opened Marriage Bureau in Northern Syria

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which advocates public stoning for adultery has opened 'marriage bureau' for the women who want to wed the group's fighters in the territory they control in Iraq and Syria. The mujahids' group office is operating from al-Bab, a town in Aleppo province of northern Syria, for single women and widows who would like to wed ISIS fighters.