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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PTI, PAT Workers Have Started Digging Graves Around D-Chowk

Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek workers have dug graves around D-Chowk after an agressive statement made by Dr Qadri on Tuesday. According to details PTI and PAT workers have dug the graves on the 'Green Belt' of D-Chowk where Supreme Court and Parliament House are located. As well as they have collected shrouds (Coffins) to possible crackdown by government. Qadri had stated on Tuesday that government may order a crackdown against us so that we should be ready for the circumstances. The 48-hour deadline by Qadri will end at 6 PM on Wednesday. Dr Qadri had stated in his emotional statement that shrouds will have to wear himself or PMLN (PM Nawaz Sharif).

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