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Monday, August 25, 2014

Former Additional Secretary Election Commission Revealed Large Scale Rigging In 2013 General Election

It is astonishing that when government says there was no rigging in the last election then why Nawaz Sharif temporarily leave government and sit aside to allow investigation of Imran Khan's allegations about rigging. The so called claimants of democracy who are no less in corruption are backing PM not to resign because the seats they got in assemblies after heavy investment will go waste and with out giving back the investment with out profits. While on other hand former additional secretary election commission Afzal Khan has said that ex chief justice Iftekhar Muhammad Chaudhary had appointed returning officers (ROs)instead of election commission, in general election. In a televised conversation with a Pakistani private news Afzal Khan said there was massive rigging and corruption in 2013 general election. He alleged that chief justice interfered in the process of free and fair election to result in the present government's illegitimate rule. Afzal Khan said there was an organised rigging in 2013 general election and then chief election commissioner Fakhrud din G Ibrahim did not take any notice of the large scale violations. He also said that retired justices Tassudaq Hussain Jilani anf Riaz Kian were resp[onsible for all the rigging process. While, Riaz Kiani said he was not alone but other election members were also with him. Afzal Khan said it is clear now that there were more than 35 punctures in the May 2013 election. It is understood that why Imran Khan is making such hue and cry because 2013 elections were engineered and pre-planned. Afzal Khan has finally stamped and confirmed the issue raised by Imran Khan. He is right and if it is so, present government has no right to stay.

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