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Friday, August 29, 2014

Government Did Not Call Army For Mediation-- Nawaz Sharif

Neither prime minister Nawaz Sharif nor Dr Qadri or Imran Khan are confessing to request army to play its role as mediator to solve the ongoing crisis. On other hand, army itself is never interested to involve in the political affairs and every time army chief met PM he asked PM to resolve the issue through political dialogue. If army intended to involve in politics it would have done much earlier. This reveals the incapability of the present government to solve the issue. Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri were never interested for the army role in the crisis. Now, it is clear that only and only government asked the Army Chief to negotiate but due to the fear of opposition and hiding his weakness PM has refused to do so. Qadri is right to say if the PM is lier then he has no more right to stay in office and must go as soon as possible so that nation get a sigh of relief to get rid of the troubles and difficulties the people are facing every day. Secondly, if Nawaz Sharif lied then he would make army annoyed. And what would be the result, of course, drastic and Nawaz Sharif wants this if he can not rule then the rule of other politicians may be eliminated for a long period. Democracy is just a drama, otherwise there has never been democracy in Pakistan taking from Bhutto's regime to late Ba Nazir and Zardari's. only one man rule (dictatorship) prevailed in Pakistan.

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