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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ebola's New Virus Is Affecting Computers

Ebola has emerged as a serious threat, this time around it is different kind of virus that is affecting computers and networks rather than human bodies. Security expert Symantech has issued a warning that malware and phishing attacks disguised as ebola alerts are on the rise. According to it, attackers send presentations in the name of UAE's telecom service provider Etisalat to get into the systems of unsuspecting users. As a first step attackers send out an email with fake report on the Ebola virus entice victims and what actually users get is an infection of Tojan Zbot malware, Symantic said in its alert. In the second compaign, cybercriminals send out email that impersonates Etisalat with footprints in 18 countries across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The email claims a high-level presentation on Ebola virus. An attached zip file with the title," EBOLA-ETISALAT PRESENTATION pdf. zip" actually executes Trojan. Blueso on the victim's computer.

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