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Monday, August 18, 2014

Civil Disobedience Compaign Of Imran Khan

Imran Khan! Your announcement about starting civil disobedience movement indicates your disappointment of Azadi March and expecting no positive results out of the March. You have now long experience of politics for which you have presented sacrifices of your life but do not you know this type of movement is launched against the foreign occupants. This movement will have no effect on Nawaz Sharif or PML(N) but nation will suffer. How your KPK government will pay salaries to its employees, how can its share from federal government. Secondly, you might have supporters in millions who may or may not pay taxes or utility bills but Pakistan has more than 180 million population, will all follow your advice, no Khan! never. Khan! you failed and you have march also seems to be a failure. we have no sympsathy with corrupt government. Imran Khan! you mut have made your province (rather my province) free of corruption then you were justified to criticise Nawaz Sharif. Khan! you do not know but I know being from KPK how corruption has increased in our province. You have appointed an inelligible chief minister who never had a visit to southern districts. of course, your minister Ali Amin is working hard in DI Khan district for its development but on his own. Imran Khan! call back your march otherwise it may be too late. You have lost the game. Khan! as far as anti-corruption slogan is concerned all the nation is with you.

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