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Monday, August 4, 2014

Israeli Lobbyists Have Started War Against Muslim Companies Giving Funds To Hamas

As Muslims are trying to boycott Israel, Israel lobbyists have also waged war against the Muslim companies which have been giving funds to Palestinians, and Muslim organisation, specially Hamas. Currently Edible Arrangements, a renown company owned by Muslims is losing business because it is known for supporting Muslim organisations including Hamas. The owner of Edible Arrangements are Tariq farid and Kamran Farid, who are devout Pakistani Muslims. It is known that they are major donors of mosques, Islamic Schools and of course Hamas. Now after the Gaza attacks and boycott movement the company is under pressure. There is growing wave against them and this boycott compaign is speeding in social media like fire. It seems as if now there is global economic war spearing through social media sites which is a new phenomenon in the history of media.

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