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Friday, August 8, 2014

Saudi Kingdom Banned Its Male Citizens To Marry Wmen From Four Countries Including Pakistan

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a law banned its male citizens to marry foreign women from four countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Burma (Myanmar). The Kingdom also imposed new regulations to restrict its citizens' marriages to Morocco women under strict circumstances. According to reports Saudi man has to provide clean criminal and health record before marrying a Moroccan woman as well as provide evidence that she is not drug addicted. The Saudi married men who are willing to marry Moroccan women are restricted to obtain formal permission from their previous wives. Moreover, the citizen has to provide a genuine reason to marry a Moroccan woman that his previous wife is suffering from major disease or is disable or sterile. It is noteworthy that new law will also restrict age gap between the newly married couple which should not exceed 25 years. Each citizen is bound to wait for the government's approval after submitting formal application to the special committee which is authorised to allow or deny the proposal.

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