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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Muslim Minister Saeeda Warsi In UK Cabinet Has Resigned

A Muslim British Foreign Office Minister Saeeda Warsi who was the only Muslim to sit in the UK cabinet has resigned over the UK's government policy about Gaza issue. Resignation was msade public when she wrote on Twitter," With regret I have written this morning to prime minister (David Cameron), and submitted my resignation, I can no longer support government's policy on Gaza." Warsi was the first Muslim to handle as a full cabinet minister, Cameron had appointed Warsi as chair of the Conservative party and minister without portfolio in May 2010. It should be noted that Conservative prime minister David Cameron has drawn criticism as his coalition partner Labour party has also been blamed for its silence and not taking tougher stance against Israel over its military attacks and atrocities on children of Gaza. After this sheer criticism Warsi has become the first minister to resign from the British government since the coalition was formed between the Conservative party and Liberal Democrates in 2010. Labour party leader Ed Miliband has already criticised Cameron for failing to take a firm stance on Israeli aggression against Gaza when he said that prime minister has failed to speak out about Israeli atrocities, however, no such action like resignation have been seen till now.

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