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Saturday, August 9, 2014

It May Be Too Late To Mend For Nawaz Sharif

When Imran Khan demanded recounting of votes on only four NA seats, PM Nawaz Sharif paid no intention to his request, but now Imran Khan and his party is ready to start Azadi long march to Islamabad, he showed his willingness to conduct recounting of ten seats. It is not understood, why the rulers when occupy palace and throne forget about the interest and benefit of the masses and get busy in keeping their own personal interests on top and only try to save their their chair. Whether all the people get sacarificed or die they do not care. What the present government has done to ease the lives of the people but made more and more miserable. Now the demand of Imran Khan is re-election not recounting of votes on few seats. He intends to sit in till the acceptance of his demands, in Islamabad. He also warned that if police fire on the people whole the country will be made jammed. However, before Imran Khan takes any action government itself has blocked the inter-city traffic, no transport is plying from one city to another of the three provinces, and what would be the condition of the people, every body knows except government who knows but makes people to suffer. The borders of KPK on Chashma Barrage has been sealed and no transport is allowed to enter Punjab via Barrage. Similarly motor way entrances in different provinces have been closed by containers. This is just to save PM house, Islamabad. This situation will annoy the people of Pakistan if this blockage remained so for day or two more and a tsunami of 180 million angry people will march toward PM and Presidential Palaces. It will not be only Imran khan but the whole nation that can make the throne of rulers drowned in Arabian sea. Now it is up to rulers what decision they make, whether they try to save they Houses or the people.? Where the hollow slogans of Qadri are concerned they have no effect on the government or the people, however, police's violences and killings of innocent workers of PAT is condemnable. Dr Qadri after making some hot speeches will soon leave for Canada.

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