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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nawaz Sharif More Popular Than Imran Khan? Is It True?

The survey report issued by Pew Research Centre can not be trusted, specially during these days of sit-ins and blockage of red zone in the capital; that shows significant popularity of Nawaz Sharif over his political competitors including chiefs of PTI and PAT. The present government had started losing its popularity, if it had any, with in the first quarter of its rule due to failure in fulfilling its promises of ending load shedding, price-hike, target killing and street crimes. The deepening of the current crisis is also due to the ego of Sharif Brothers. Though, Imran Khan's popularity might have declines because of the difficulties of the people due to blockades of high ways, entrances to the twin cities, stoppage of supply of food and other essential items to the cities and some hasty decisions of PTI's chief. But, can never go down as compared to that of Nawaz Sharif. The survey of Pew is not impartial but it seems paid survey. The baseless survey shows Nawaz Sharif on top according to public opinion, as they say, with 64 % favour after reduction of 2 % which was 66 %before May 2013 election. Imran Khan gained 53 % public favour with reduction of 17 % as compared that in 2013 general elections.
Besides, the full of engineered statistics show amid the hot political weather in Pakistan this survey stated that only 25 % of 1,203 respondents who were interviewed face-to-face from April 15 to May 7, 2014, and majority covers 82 % of the adult population of the country, expressed satisfaction over the ongoing situation i the country. Is it true? Can ant patriotic Pakistani be satisfied over the current crisis in the country that is troubling the whole nation?

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