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Monday, June 25, 2012

Kidnaping of Former Nazi Officer Adolph Eichmann By Mosad

It was on May 11, 1960, when two agents of Mosad kidnapped Recardo Claiomond who was working as foreman in German Mecedez Benz Company located in the district of Porto Madero in Argentinian capital Buenes Ires. The kidnapped was no else but master mind of Hitler, general Adolph Eichmann. The Mosad agents had to take him to Israel where he was to be trialed for killing million of Jews.
After 50 years of the kidnapping of Eichmann, the things related to this event were exhibited in the Hatfutsot museum of Israeli capital Tel Aviv this year. These included fake passport used in kidnapping of Eichmann, needle for making him senseless, fake number plate of the vehicle used, fake driving license, the camera used by Mosad through which the first picture of Eichmann was shot in Argentina and several other things used by Eichmann like plastic cigar, glasses, pipe, dress and currency etc. In addition, the original file of Mosad regarding the kidnapping of Eichmann with the code name of Dybbuk ( Devil soul) was also kept.
He was shifted to Israel by Mosad agents so secretly in Israeli airline El Al in airline staff uniform and in senseless condition posing him a sick El Al staff member. The Israeli Ambassador to Argentina was kept unaware of the mission.
On April 11, 1961, the hearing of the case against Eichmann was started in the district court of Jerusalem. He was convicted of war crimes against humanity, killing of Jews along with 15 other allegations. The case attracted the attention of the world media and its hearing was telecast worldwide. This hearing got global fame.
The hearing of the case ended after 14 weeks on August 14, 1961 and district court sentenced him to death. His appeals against the sentence was rejected by supreme court and also by the then Israeli president Izaq. He was hanged omn May 31, 1962 at midnight in Rammala jail.
Several movies have been shot and books have been written on the kidnapping and case hearing. The head of the team of kidnapping of Eichmann, Eser Harel wrote a book on the event in 1966, "The House on the Ganbaldi Street" American TV channel made a film in 1979 with the same title. A police officer Anver Less who investigated Eichmann wrote a book with the name, "Eichmann interrogated" in 1983. In 2007, Hollywood picturized a movie with the name "Eichmann" One of the 7 Mosad agents who kidnapped Eichmann, Peter W Malkin also wrote a book in 1990 titling "Eichmann in my hands" on this a movie naming "The man who captured Eichmann" was shot in 1996.

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