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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Artificial Nose That Can Smell And Detect Defects In Foods

According to Veterinary Experts the trunk of an elephant is a masterpiece of nature that has nearly 0.1 million muscles. These muscles help elephant to uproot from a grassy plant to huge and heavy trees. Elephant can identify thousand kinds of fragrances.
Keeping this quality in view the designer of South Korea Kim Junhayun has invented an apparatus called "Elephant Nose" that has the capability of analyzing the freshness and different constituents of meat, fish and hen as well as of other food items.
The apparatus having a size of common writing pen when nears the food items, due to the presence of artificial nose smells the foods and on the basis of already fed data in the system starts analyzing commodities. The results of the analysis appear on the screen of LSD and provides information about the condition of the commodity of the foods. Separate charging base is provided in the apparatus to recharge the battery.
The apparatus can easily be used in homes, market and other shops selling consumable items as well as can be used for identifying for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). It is worth mentioning that criticize GMOs and term it harmful for health. These people would want to know whether the dishes presented for use have GMO or not, if so, whether they are with in the healthy limits.
The inventer also intends to bring changes in the apparatus ion future that will detect the the constituents of foods that can cause allergy to some people. They would be able to know before eating the foods suitable for their health. Similarly harmful constituents/ chemical elements / compounds and artificial flavors present in food would easily be identified. The invention was declared the best one last year among the other inventions by the German Product Design Museum "Red Dot"

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