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Friday, June 15, 2012

Interview Of Malik Riaz With Mubashir Luqman And Mehr Bukhari Was Planted

Dunya News anchor Mubasher Luqman has been suspended in the aftermath of a conversation that he thought was off-air but was leaked to YouTube.
Insiders at the channel told the reporter that an investigation committee has been set up which will probe the leak. Sources close to Luqman said that channel authorities were miffed when he went off-script.
The disclosure of planted interview of the anchor persons with Malik Riaz on Dunya News was done due to leakage video of the show that was prepared by the cameraman during the ads interval. One footage of the show shows that during ad hour both the anchor persons have been telling Malik Riaz that what will they ask in the interview and what should be his replies. They also woed to Malik that he should negate the financial befits to them so that their reputation may not be negatively affected , they also asked Malik Riaz to issue a statement against Hamid Mir who was favoring chief justice.
They had been teaching Malik Riaz the answers of the questions in Urdu and Punjabi they had to ask in English from Malik in the interview.
On an occasion Mubashir told that he had talked to Kashif Abbasi that Mehr was to stay till 11 PM at night and that they had to talk against some other persons.

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