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Friday, February 10, 2017

Wikipedia Has Stopped Its Contributors From Quoting The Daily Mail As a Source

Wikipedia has decided to ban its contributors from quoting Daily Mail as a source. The Daily Mail is one of the most popular online newspaper in the UK and its online readership exceeds that of the some of the biggest publications of the world. The move comes after its editors voted to ban the Daily Mail as a source for the website in all but exceptional circumstances terming the news group as 'generally unreliable'. Justifying the ban the editors cited," the Daily Mail's reputation for poor fact checking, sensationalism and flat-out fabrication." Furthermore they said the Daily Mail should not be used to determine notability, nor as as a source in articles. They have also decided to remove the existing links to the Daily Mail and replaced them with the links from more reputable sources, where possible. It is interesting to note that where the Daily Mail has been marked as "unreliable", it allows contributors to source state-backed news organisations such as Russia Today and Fox News.

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