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Friday, February 3, 2017

China Released A New Future Map Of Greater Pakistan With India Distributed In Pieces (Video)

A new map released by China Intelligence has been rounding on social media for the last few days that has didturbed Indian Sarkar. In the map The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been shown greater in size than its existing area and Kashmir along with a vast area of India is also included in Pakistan. While India is presented on a very short area. Under the map China Ocean is given instead of Indian Ocean. And the smaller pieces of India that are shown on the map include United States of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Khalistan, and the countries of Bhutan, Nepal, Kantapur anf Bangladesh. China's Intelligence is more than hundred percent right, if India does not change its mentality India will be broken into pieces like the USA that is going to be broken into 52 separate states as separate independent countries one day for that Trump will be responsible and for India's breakage Modi be held responsible. The day is not far away.

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