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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Instagram User Found Her Body With Different Face Catfished By Fraudster

An Instagrammer, Jessica Hunt from Plymouth was shocked when she found a glamorous image of herself had been altered to show someone else's face on her body. In a doctored snap, Hunt's body clad in a close-fitting emerald green dress standing in her kitchen can easily be seen- but the face had been switched out for another, more heavily made up visage.
Hunt who has 80,000 followers on Instagram took to Twitter to post her thoughts on discovering she had been catfished "
Despite being horrified that her image had been stolen, she admired the seamless photoshopping at work saying her altered image was like an art. Catfishing normally refers to stealing an entire image, often to try and attract online dates pretending to be someone who a person might deem more physically attractive.

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