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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Legal Action Against Uber, Creem cabs Is Justifiable

In our country everyone is free to do whatever he wants, as there is no law, no governance, if so-called law prevails but not implemented, and if implemented it is for poor to be sentenced. Whether it is an individual, instituition, factory owners or wagon and truck drivers the latters have license to kill people on roads but have no license to drive a vehicle. Same has been true of Uber and Creem cabs, though it these have been a good source of earnings for unemployed, but plying a car as taxi on roads need route permit and registration as taxis. There had been several complaints against drivvers of these cabs who have been teasing female passengers on phones as they have numbers who call them for traveling. Now Punjab government has given 15 days to Uber and Careem cabs to get registered per rules. May be registered as rental car services.

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