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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The First Woman To Visit Every Country Of The World (Video)

Cassandra de Pecol is a 27 year-old is global adventurer with not one but two world records. She just finished a crowdfunded journey that took to all of the 193 countries of the world and three territories (Kosovo, Palesine and Taiwan), making her first woman to accomplish the task. However, the breakneck pace she achieved this feat-- 18 months and 26 days- makes her the fastest ever to reach this goal. **--
Another world record of holding most university degrees in the world was made by Luciano Beitti, who is the definition of book smart, a 70-year old man who lives near Rome holds 15 bachelors and master degrees. He first achieved Guinness World Record for most degrees in 2002 with mere 8. Now,e Baietti, who has studies philosophy, law, sociology, literature, is studying for 16th degree in food science.

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