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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Osteopath Had Been Involved In Inappropriate Relations With Patients During His Practice

The devastated ex-wife of a disgraced Suffolk osteopath struck off amid a flurry of lurid s*x claims has spoken out about 'nightmare' experience. Distraught mother Lucinda Salway hot out after her former husband and business partner Nicholas Salway was told he had brought the profession into 'disrepute' at a disciplinary hearing in London last week. Shamed Salway was banned from practicing after facing catalogue of allegations between April 2013 to January 2016 at the Hadleigh Health Center Suffolk. The General Osteopathic Council heard a string of claims, including that he had filmed having s*x with a patient in one of his treatment rooms. He also had s*x with another female patient in his consultation room whole still treating the patient, her husband and their children and exchanged sexually explicit texts messages about a patient with another osteopath.

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