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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lindsay Lohan Was Subjected To Racial Profiling At Heathrow Airport Due To Her Headwear

American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan claims she was intimidated when subjected to racial profiling due to headwear. The incident occurred when she was recently traveling from Heathrow to New York. The actress who caused a stir when she was spotted with a copy of Holy Quran in 2015, said security officials apologised when she she removed her headscarf to reveal her identity. Lohan said she scared for others who do not want to remove their headwear. Though actress did not spoken openly about converting to Islam but admitted it is a consideration. She told Good Morning Britain that she was wearing headscarf and got stopped at airport and racially profiled.. the first time in her life. Airport official opened her passport and saw Lindsay Lohan and started immediately apologising but then said please take off your headscarf. She said a lot of my friends are Arabs and they have been really good to me.

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