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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Daesh Getting Stronger In Pakistan?-1

In Iraq and Syria Daesh is on back foot losing fighters and facilitators it once had. As a result the group has opened up new theaters of operations across the region and is claiming devastating attacks in Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Bangladesh, Philippines, Afghanistan and most recently Pakistan. The first trail leading to Daesh in Pakistan appeared in 2014. Since then the organisation has claimed several bomb and gun attacks in in Balochistan and Sindh province. It is not clear whether the group has direct set up in the country or it is drawing or it is drawing from an existing pool of fighters, often termed by the security authorities as "Daesh Sympathizers". On February 16, 2017, A suicide bomber striked devotees at a Sufi shrine in Sehwan, Sindh, In the blast 88 people were killed while more than 300 were injured. In the same month paphlets with the Daesh insignia were distributed in the border area of Kurram Agency. In the black and white printouts with images of beheading states after Daesh's success in Afghanistan, it will be starting its activities in the tribal areas of Hangu and Dera Ismail Khan. Days earlier members of community in Karachi received letters threarening letters and emails from Daesh Khurasani in which community was warned to withdraw witness in one of the high profile cases in the mertololis, otherwise they will be targeted again.

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