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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some Most Controversial Personalities In Pakistan

Pakistani people are quite different from the other people in the world. Sometimes they even do not believe in media and easily identify the traitor to their country. They watch different news on media from a different angles of views. They also recognize conspiracies against Pakistan and expose them on Social media. Here are some most disliked people. **-- Hamid Mir Hamid Mir is a popular anchorperson of a famous private News channel. He is one of the top most disliked person in Pakistan. He has been criticized by Pakistani social media because it considers him as a RAW agent. Pakistani social media claims that he is the son of Waris Mir who was the biggest traitor of Pakistan in 1971. **-- Najam Sethi--
Najam Sethi is a news analyst of private news channel Geo News. He is extremely criticized by Pakistani social media because of his secular ideology and friendly trend towards India. According to Najam Sethi 1965 war was lost by Pakistan. He is also accused of 2013 election rigging in Punjab province as he was nominated caretaker CM of Punjab by PPP. **--Hussain Haqqani--
Hussain Haqqani remained Pakistan's ambassador to United States from April 13, 2008 to November 22, 2011. He got the public attention when he was found principal accused in MEMO gate scandal. He has recently used abusive language against Pakistan in US. **-- Actress Meera-- Meera is a popular Lollywood actress. Pakistani social media blasted against her when she migrated to Bollywood and signed and acted in Bollywood movies and found her in bold kissing scenes. She is also famous for her different controversial scandals. **-- Marvi Sarmad-- Marvi Sarmad is one of the most disliked people in Pakistan. She is a journalist and a blogger. Pakistanis hate her for her secular ideologies. According to Marvi the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was secular and he actually wanted a secular Pakistan. She was also criticized when she used abusive language on Twitter. Recently Marvi supported homosexuality in a TV talk show and had a fight with Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI(F). **-- Asma Jahangir:- Asma Jahangir is a lawyer, human rights activist and advocate of supreme court of Pakistan. Pakistani people hate her because of her secular ideology and friendly trend towards India. She also remained the president of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. Some people say she is Qadiani or Ahmadi. She is also against the Hudood Ordinance and Blasphemy law of Pakistan. **--Malala Yousufzai: Malala is a young girl and a Nobel Laureate from Swat, Pakistan. Most of the Pakistanis hate her becaue they think that she has done nothing special for the country. But media raised her to the top because she used to write a secret documentary for BBC with the name of Gul Makai. Pakistanis say that Malala is a CIA agent and she along with her father were found with CIA officers. **-- Altaf Hussain: Altaf Hussain is the chief of MQM and residing in London. Pakistanis consider him responsible for target killing in Karachi, Pakistan. The anger of Pakistanis raised more when Zulfiqar Mirza severely exposed Altaf during a press conference and showed some documents to the media as proof and told that Altaf wanted to divide Pakistan. Recently he is accused of having links with RAW and his arrested workers revealed that they got training from RAW in India. **-- Veena Malik: Veena Malik is also a Pakistani actress who went to India to make her career in Bollywood, but there she has broken all the records of immorality. Pakistanis got angry when she has done bold photoshots in bikini. She claims that she is enlightening' the image of Pakistan, but Pakistanis rightly say she is a prostitute who has destroyed the real image of Pakistani women. **--Shakil Afrii:- Shakil Afridi is a local doctor who played an important role in tracing Osama Ben Laden. He is behind the bars now. He is one of the most disliked and hated person in Pakistn now a days because he was working for CIA. According to people he is responsible for illegal of Abbottabad operation by the US forces.

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