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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ahmadis Are Quite Different From Muslims, Their Beliefs, Religion, Understanding of Quran And Hadith And Last Messenger All Are Different

The fundamental beliefs of Ahmadiyya community are very well known to every body since the time of its inception. Though Ahmadis have changed their methods of propagation with time that they now represent themselves the most oppressed people in Pakistan and pose their beliefs to be "True Islam". People like Hamza Ali Abbasi raised the question saying that why we we can not give them their rights as Non-Muslims like Hindus and Christians who have their legal rights in Pakistan? The answer to this question is that there are a number of reasons for such an attitude from Muslims in general and one of the main reasons is the dual identity Ahmidiyya community has. The fundamental beliefs of Ahmidiyya are different, their religion is different, and they have their own separate understanding of Quran, separate understanding of Hadith, their last Messenger (Prophet) is different, and the one who does not believe in their Messenger is considered out of the fold of Islam by them. With all these major differences with Muslims if they are going to introduce theirs' 'true Islam' or 'genuine Islam' or to be 'true Muslims' then they are be given the rights that are given to other Non-Muslims like Hindus or Christians as a Hindu will claim his identity as Hindu and Christians will claim to be Christians unlike Ahmadis. And this is one of the main reasons why Ahmadis have been unable to get their rights like other Non-Muslim minorities. Ahmadis Khalifa Nasir Ahmad was opportunity to present their beliefs and proper proceeding took place before issuing order about them. State has the right to restrict any community whose beliefs hurt majority of the people of the country and who with wrong beliefs label themselves as Muslims. State will prefer the rights of th majority.

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