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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Recording Of Karachi Journalist's Demand For Extortion Money Leaked (Video)

Since the arrest of MQM's target killer Minhaj Qazi as he opened up in JIT about Karachi journalists who were involved in assisting terrorists and target killers, people who suffered journalists' blackmailing are now sending directly evidences to law enforcers. A news website received a recording of this kind in which alleged journalist called a person introducing himself as TV channel Samaa's reporter and asking him for Rs 25,00,000 extortion money, otherwise he will leak all the details of business of the man's (phone receiver) on TV. Listen the conversation on audio as: "Hello.. move your vehicle" "Yes, Abdullah Bhai, how are you?" "Yes, I am fine, who are you?" "yes" "Who?" "yes, my brother, my name is ... I am from Samaa TV". "Oh!, sir, sir, sir, how are you brother?" "I am fine too, why have not you sent Monthly (Extortion) so far? "You have not met me yet so far brother" "How much did you pay me so far?" "One less than twenty million rupees (two crores)" "What? You have paid me Rs twenty million (2 crores)?" "Yes sir, what do you want sir?" " i want Rs 25,00,000 by tonight. Provide me the money tonight or by tomorrow morning. I have got numbers of your Johar plotting. I have been in darkness about what has been going on, but enough is enough."..." and posing my name many people are befooling and looting you, which is not good and this is one fact other is that I have collected all the information that what you have been doing at Johar Town with Qayyum Bhai. Putting friendship aside, Abdullah Bhai, every thing has its limits. We have given full coverage to your project on our channel and we have been fooled for months. I do not care if you tell Bilal Bhai that "..." has demanded Rs 2.5 million from you, but if I did not receive the money tonight, your whole story will run as "Breaking" in tomorrows bulletin. I have received all footage and contact numbers as well, I am going to break all them by tomorrow. Okay, Allah Hafiz.

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