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Friday, June 17, 2016

British MP Jo Cox Was Shot Dead In Northern England

A British law maker, 41-year-old Jo Cox, a mother of two from the opposition Labor Party was killed in a daylight street attack in the village Birstall in northern England. Police later announced th death of Jo- a leading compaigner for Britain to remain in the 28-member bloc. A 52-year-old man has been arrested by police. After the attack the 'Remain' camp said it was suspending all the compaigning for the day, while a spokesman for the rival Vote Leave group said their battle bus was returning to headquarters. Prime minister David Cameron cancelled a planned rally during a historic but controversial visit to Gibralter as a part of his compaign for Britain to stay in the EU in the June 23 vote. The attack halted a frantic day of compaigning, as two new opinion polls indicated that more Britons now want to leave EU than want to stay. If thy prove correct Britain will become the first country in nearly six decades history of the bloc to leave. Cameron was already his way to Gibralter when news of the attack broke, on the first trip of rocky outcrop by a British premier since 1968. His visit has angered Spain which also claims the tiny territory.

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