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Monday, June 13, 2016

Bollywood Songs--New Weapon Against Islamic State

When one is against the dangerous organisation of the world, then he uses all weapons in hand, even musical ones. That is what the British special forces are doing to fight Islamic State (IS) in Libya. They came up with the idea after a Pakistani born British army intelligence officer told troops that Bollywood tunes would annoy IS. The British troops are training local forces in how to push out IS. but they there in non-combat role only, except if attacked. The psychological operation units, which is a part of force known as Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), intercepted the insurgents' communications and blasted them with Bollywood chart music. It means to unnerve the IS fighters. The IS has imposed Sharia laws in Sirte and banned anything western and frivolous and the Bollywood songs are seen as huge insult. Apart from psychologically dominating the fighters' organisation, the move reveals the fighters; reaction time in getting to the source of music and in how much force, revealing their weak points to watching troops. It also serves to discredit gunmen with local as it shows defiance and contempt for their regime.

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