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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Montana High School Female Students AStaged Bra-Less Protest

In Helena, Montana, a high school senior Kailyne Juvik was called in to the school office for an alleged dress -code violation after she made others uncomfortable by wearing an off-the shoulder black T-shirt without a bra. Following the incident at high school, the students staged a protest where girls went to school without bra. Kaitlyne said as long as nothing was showing and you are covered up, girls should not have to wear a bra. The fact that I was told it made people uncomfortable offended me because it is my body. She said during a gathering outside the school, it wwas her natural body and she was not sure that it was uncomfortable to somebody.
She said the T-shirt she was wearing was not see-through and not inappropriate and claimed that the observer would have to have been looking very hard to see that she was not wearing bra. Hundreds of people have joined a Facebook page called No Bra. A man wrote if someone is looking at women's breasts hard enough to notice you are not wearing a bra, may be that person should be the one getting in trouble, not you, you go girls, you are going viral.

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