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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Phillipino Maid Converts To Islam After Defaming Her Employer

A Non-Muslim Philipina maid converted to Islam just after learning her employer dropped case against her, while she defamed her employer in home country in newspapers. The maid was arrested just upon her return to Saudi Arabia after her employer Turki Al Jaish reported her to police. Jaish later went to police station in central town of Onaizah and dropped all charges against the maid although she confessed publicly defaming him to stealing jewellery from his house. After dropping the case against her, Jaish took her to his home where she decided to convert to Islam and he told her how to do it. Jaish says now she fasts in Ramadan and has iftar with them. Maid name was changed from Katrina to Jouri. She said I decided to become a Muslim after my employer pardoned me and treated me nicely despite the offences I made against him.

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