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Monday, June 20, 2016

Some Interesting Facts About Cricket And Cricketers

It is said that football is the mostly played game in the world. Its fans are found all over the world. But this fact can be denied that cricket is also a popular game too. Its lovers are found in each and nook and corner of the world, especially in African and Asian countries. Here are some interesting facts about cricket. **-- The highest record of runs is 771 and theses were scored by Cavy Boler's over. **-- Pakistani cricketer Saeed Ajmal could was never declared man of the match throughout his whole career. **-- During 1996 in a match in Nairobi, Kenya, played against West Indies, Shahid Afridi had no suitable bat then Waqar Younis handed over Sachhan Tendulkar's bat to Afridi with this bat Afridi hit 11 sixes and six fours and scored 102 runs on 37 balls and he also made a fastest century with this bat that was world record then. **-- The captain of Indian Cricket team Mahendar Singh Dhoni could only score a century in the matches played within Asia but the in th matches played out of Asia he could never score 100 runs. **-- In the history of cricket only four cricketers could play on all the 10 positions of bating. these include Abdul Razzaq, Shoib Malik, Lyze Closner and Talak Retnay. **-- The cricketer called Lord in the world of cricket Bradman could only hit six sixes throughout his career. **-- Inzemam ul Haq used to bowl in International Cricket and got a wicket on first ball of his career. **-- When Sachan Tendulkar began his career in 1989 at the same time 23 other cricketers of different countries began their cricket career and all these cricketers retired before Tendulkar. Among them the last cricketer to be retired was New Zealand's Cris Crats who retired in 2004, ten years before Tendulkar's retirment. **-- Dirk Nannes is among those few players who played international cricket for two countries i.e. Australia and Ireland. **-- The wickets and runs of Shahid Afridi in ODIs are more than Imran Khan. Shahid Afridi hit 378 wickets and scored 7619 runs in ODIs while Imran Khan wickets and runs were 182 and 3709, respectively. **-- Maheela J Wardhanay of Sri Lanka is the only cricketer who scored centuries in semi final and final match of world cup. **-- The world record of being not out in test matches remains with Kortney Wash of West Indies. He was not out 61 times in 185 innings. **-- Graham Smith of England is the only cricketer who hosted his team in 100 test matches. **-- The England team has the "honour" to lose the final match of One Day International of 60 overs in 1979, and then was defeated in 1992's world cup of 50 overs. It again lost the final of Champions Trophy of 20 overs in 2013.

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