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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

US State Department Denied Affiliation with Axact Software House

US State department categorically denied any affiliation with Axact Software House, to allow it to issue degrees in the name of US universities. Sources revealed that State department of US had not signed any agreement regarding authentication of certificates bearing signatures of John Kerry, secretary of state of United States. State department had uploaded information to their websites regarding the documents they claimed along with the awareness tips. State department expressed satisfaction regarding the action taken against Axact by the federal Investigation agency (FIA) of Pakistan. US State department also wanted investigation to be carried out in a transparent way and all the accused must be brought to the justice. State department has also started investigation into the fake degree scam on their own behalf which was leaked by "New York Times". State department said it was illegal and unconstitutional to use John Kerry's fake signatures in the authentication of degrees, if offence was proved then action will be taken against Axact. On other hand the owner and CEO of Axact Shoib Sheikh said all the allegations against the company are baseless and New York Times' accusations are manipulative and issued to defame company's name and he will face the proceedings of the case to clear himself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Blonde Beauty Of Texas Drew The Attention Of IS Fighters

A blonde beauty of Texas, Jenneifer Williams has made Islamic State (IS) fighters to forget fight. According to sources the American beauty when tweeted her picture with blonde hair and blue eyes got attention of many people. But the most interesting part is that most of them belong to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). One of them asked her that she will look more beautiful in hijab and other straightly asked her to marry him.
Jennifer Williams is a Brookings Institute Researcher, who spent years studying religious extremism in Middle east. The reaction of ISIS followers on her tweet made the analysis for changing political scenarios and gave reasons for war alert. Jennifer gave her view point that beauty mostly attracts the warriors. This is the reason as my picture was published I started receiving huge number of proposals for marriage, especially from the warriors.

There Are Many Axact Degree Holders On High Posts in Pakistan--- Shahid Masood

There are so many Axact degree holders on high posts in the country. This is the biggest scandal to destroy Pakistan's image in the world. Axact is not only the owner of upcoming TV channel Bol but they the big investors of the channel and they were brought none other than a senior journalist (Kamran Khan who is the president and editor-in-chief of the channel).The channel basically belongs to a business tycoon who is behind the anchorperson who claimed to have major shares of the channel. Dr Shahid Masood thinks that a part of New York Times report is true. Another senior journalist Swale Zafar said that those who joined Bol are equally responsible for damaging the country's image. It is pertinent to mention here that Bol will officially go on air from ist of Ramazan this year.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kate No More Babies-- Globe Magazine

Having just given birth to a princess to complement her little prince, Kate Middleton is reportedly done getting pregnant and having babies. The Duchess of Cambridge and wife of William welcomed the duo's second child princess Charolette Elizabeth Diana on May 2. At least according to Globe which leads off its latest issue with the headline bait, "Kate no more babies". Why the Duchess is closing up royal baby factory? Who knows is this even true, but pregnancy is exhausting, as is raising kids and perhaps two is just perfect for her at the age of 33. Perhaps there is medical reason she has yet to disclose or she is just so excited to pursue her goal of keeping the royals away from her kids. If she stops getting pregnant she can pretty much start pulling up the stakes and putting up boundaries from the palace.

Pakistan claimed Nine New Awards This Week--- Shujaat Azeem

Special advisor to prime minister for aviation, captain Shujat Azeem gives good news to the nation saying that Pakistan claimed nine new awards during this week. Sources said that Pakistan International Airlines earned two billion and eight three million rupees during the first month of 2015. Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan was awarded second position among the beautiful capital cities of the world. Pakistani men were awarded with third position among the most handsome men in the world. Pakistan was ranked with fifth position regarding improvement of water and sanitation system. In the rank of Global intelligence Survey, Pakistan was placed at fourth position. Pakistan became the first Asian cricket team in test series whose players hit one thousand sixes. Ten British national Pakistanis won seats in the British parliament, which is a record in itself. In addition. Turkish company was hired in Rawalpindi and Lahore to collect home wastage garbage at door steps.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Virginity Test In Indonesia For Women Joining Army

International Human Rights Organisations have joined their voice with protest against virginity test in Indonesia. This test is essential for ladies who want to join Indonesian army or want to marry army officers. The lady army officers say this test is called "two finger test" to verify whether woman's internal membrane is safe. Human Right Organisation say this test is inhuman and shameful. They feel shame and humiliation while the test is usually performed by male doctors. While army spokesperson defended the test saying that through the test immoral and characterless women can not enter army.

Indian District Magistrate Was Suspended Under The Charge Of Wearing Black Glasses

Police officer was suspended by the state government of India under the charge of wearing black glasses while receiving the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was visiting the Naxal affected area of Bastar stare of India. On the arrival of Modi district magistrate Amit Atariya received and greeted him while to protect his eyes from harsh mid-day sun the magistrate was wearing shades. His mistake was that he shook hands with prime minister wearing the glasses, not bothered to remove them while shaking hands with Modi. Because of this act, state government issued notice to collector that he has violated the section 3 (1) of All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1988. The stance of the state government is that collector did not follow the protocol and did not show "integrity and devotion toward duty". According to reports, Modi shook hand with collector who was wearing blue and white striped shirt and glasses,. and asked " Mr Dabbang, how are you?" Reporters say that Modi's remarks have initiated new debate on the dress code of IAS officers on VVIP duty.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sunny Leone In Trouble, FIR Filed Against Her (Video)

Famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone found herself in trouble as an activist has filed First Investigation Report (FIR) against her. A social activist from Dombivali alleges that by launching her website on air, Sunny is promoting obscenity and affecting the society. The FIR also includes some other unidentified persons who are involved i running the vulgar websites. She is promoting the obscenity and damaging the society, the complainant said. Sunny was in Surat for promotion of her film "Ek Paheli Leela" along with her husband.
FIR Against Sunny Leone - OMG!! by k_shehzad555 The reason for the chaos among public was believed to be Sunny's topless pictures from a private party that went viral last year. Sunny will next be seen in double role in "mipal Zaveri;s sex comedy".

Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Embrace Islam?

Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan Ne Islam... by DinNews Lindsay Lohan, who is Irish and Italian heritage and was raised as a Catholic was photographed carrying Muslim's Holy Book Quran in her arms in Brooklyn NY. It comes as 28-year embarks on an 'emotional detox' giving up alcohol and dating. The Holy Quran prescribes a lifestyle free of alcohol for Muslims. During the height of her fame as teen star, she wore a Kabbalah red string bracelet which wards off misfortune brough about by the 'evil eye'.

Egyptian Actress Abeer Sabry Is Going To Sue

Abeer Sabry, a well known Egyptian actress is deeply disappointed after her altercation with another woman in a mall in Dubai recently. The spat was captured on camera and has since gone viral on social media. According to reports Abeer is shocked at the woman's extreme reaction against her dress. The actress claimed she was wearing a 'long black cotton dress' that was not striking or offending in the least. Abeer has been in touch with her lawyer and plans to take legal action and sue the aggressive woman for defamation. Abeer also defended the allegations of roaming around the outlet while she was scantily dressed. She said that since she was in the fitting room and required to try on dresses in different sizes. "I wonder how this can be termed a bad or strange behaviour, naturally, I will not put on my clothes and go out every time I need to try dress in different size. That is why I asked a lady from the shop to help me out while I was in the fitting room." actress said. Abeer expressed disappointment over the incident and claimed that she maintained her cool in the face of rude behaviour and harsh words thrown on her.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The World's Largest Limousine

Hundred feet long car, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records is the creation of legendary car builder, designer and collector Jay Ohrberg, who is an exclusive member of Hollywood community and is accredited of introducing spectacular vehicles on the large and small screen. This limo is also used for promotion. The purpose of the car is only to be shown in the movies, this is not for some rich lavish person. It has been designed by Jay himself who has been awarded by the title "king of show cars". It is 30.5 meter long and have 26 wheels. Its main feature includes a swimming pool with diving board. It also contains a king sized water bed. It is intended to be driven as rigid vehicle but it can be bended in the middle. A car having that much length would obviously quite difficult to drive but Jay has also seen to that also. There are two compartments for driver at each end while reversing. It has also a long Jacuzzi tub and a sun deck. The most tempting thing about this car is that it has a helipad on its back which means that you can land helicopter anywhere. The mobile helipad is the most alluring thing to think about. Last but not the least it has a satellite dish on its top. Having such car means that one has a mobile mansion going around him or her but unfortunately it is not for ordinary use.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Indian RAW Is Involved In Karachi Bus Attack (Video)

RAW Is Involved In Karachi Bus Attack Because... by ViralMag Indian is against China-Pak economic corridor and want to disturb law and order situation in Pakistan to stop this corridor. India can not tolerate any benefit to Pakistan. Wants to create instability in the country to show to the world it as an failed state.

Ismaili Community Bus Attacked In Karachi

An assault has been conducted on a bus belonging to Ismaili community near Saffora Chowrangi by six unidentified gun men. The attack incurred 45 fatalities and 15 injuries among which five are in serious condition. This is the worst sectarian activity since January 30 which inflicted 61 deaths. The gun men got into the bus and ordered the passengers to head down and then started firing. It has been discovered that driver and two kids were spared. Driver has been taken in police custody. Chief minister suspended DSP and SHO.

15-Year Saudi School Boy Marries

A 15-year-old Saudi school boy got married and was given tumultuous welcome when he returned to school from his honeymoon. teachers and class mates also lined up the class to give wedding presents to Muhammad khamis Al Hazmi just after he returned to school in the northern Saudi town of Arar.

Saudi Wife's Strange Revenge For Husband's Second Marriage (Video)

A curious video of a car driver jumping the red traffic light several times at the same junction in Saudi Arabia spread widely on the social media. The driver was acting strangely and later it was found that the driver was the brother of car owner's first wife. The Saudi owner of the car had married second wife which greatly upset the first one. On the night of the wedding she called her brother and asked him to drive her husband's car and break the traffic rules to make him pay thousands of riyals in fine. She was taking revenge on him for marrying second wife. The brother drove the car through several red lights so many times that the fine totaled SR 300,000 which have to be paid by her sister's husband.

PTI's MNA Has Been Permanently Disqualified

Election Tribunal of Multan has de-seated MNA of PTI Hassan Nawaz Khan who had won his seat in general election 2013 from NA-146 Sahiwal. He was disqualified due to not disclosing his assets to the election commission. The election tribunal has carried out the assets disclosure case. After permanently declaring him ineligible, election tribunal has ordered election commission to start polling in NA-146 within 90 days.

Ranbir Finally Broke Silence And Revealed His Wedding Date With Katrina

Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor has finally broken his silence and revealed wedding date with his girl friend actress Katrina Kaif. Ranbir confessed to being in relationship with Katrina and the two will tie knot soon. The 2016 is the year to take their relationship farther. This year both of us are very busy, so there will be no time for marriage. We both have planned to tie the knot by the end of next year. After Ranbir finish with the promotion of his film "Bombay Velvet" and Katrina is back from Cannes International Film Festival 2015, the duo might officially get engaged by the end of May.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saulat Mirza's Chapter Ended Has Been Hanged (Video)

Saulat Mirza Ko Phansi De Di Gai by zemtv

Another Development In Ayyan's Case

The custom court in Rawalpindi district of Punjab has extended the judicial remand of super model Ayyan Ali till May 18. The application has been filed against Ayyan including charge of money smuggling along with charge of money laundering. The application was filed by the Custom Intelligence. The hearing has been adjourned again till May 18 due to the strike being observed by the lawyers.

Third Secular Blogger Hacked And Killed In Bangladesh

A masked gang wielding machetes hacked a secular blogger to death in northeastern Bangladesh in the third such deadly attack since the start of the year. Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked and hacked around 0830 am morning in Sylhet city. Das was an atheist and wrote blogs for "Mukto-Mona" a website which used to be moderated by Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi born US citizen who himself was hacked to death in the capital Dhaka in February. He had already received threats for his writings from Islamist group and he was on their hit-list of the atheist Bloggers. The current moderator of the site is Farid Ahmad who is based in Canada. Bangladesh is officially a secular state but more than its 90 percent people of 160 million population are Muslims.

Model Ayyan Spent Thousands Of Ruppes On Make Up To attend Court

Model Ayyan Ali spent spent 0.169 million rupees on her make tp prepare herself for presenting in the court that include Rs 45,000 on make and 52,000 rupees on boutique suit. In her personal diary that a news agency got through some source she wrote that 'the jail life is so tough as I had been thinking about'. She wrote that outside she had to face thousands of sights where in jail only jail workers could stare her. She said it is too tiresome to get prepared for court and get up so early in the morning and to get the services of make up artists, as well as to select suits out of several ones coming from boutique. She said only hair style takes 40 to 45 minutes and now the jail officials have known the apatatuses' names that I use to make hair style. Sources say she used French costume when she went to attend court which smell spread all around in the jail. She said expenditure is too huge including lawyers; fees, and other expenses on the day to present myself in the court. She does not know how the difficult jail life is difficult for those who can not spend money like her. It is no less than hell. She has has the support of big people therefore, she is living like in five star hotel.

Sunny Leone's Response To Nasty Comments

Former adult movie star and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone is always in the limelight, whether it is TV or internet we can never get enough of this lady. But this sweet friendly actress is often subject to nasty, crazy comments on social media for her previous profession. Sunny Leone read weird comments on Facebook and Twitter and react to them in the most awkward manner. Sunny Leone starred opposite Ram Kapoor in her latest movie "Kuch Kuch Locha Hai". Watch Sunny's videos

Some Of The Pakistan's Big Names want To See Mustafa Kamal as Governor Sindh

A few big names of the country are trying to make former mayor Mustafa Kamal governor Sindh. among those personalities business tycoon Malik Riaz is on the top of the list. Zulfiqar Mirza sais governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad was directly involved in major Kaleem case. Demanding resignation from Ibad is just a drama. It is pertinent to mention here that Mutahhida Qaumi Movement has demanded Ishrat ul Ibad to step down.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

India Is Short Of Ammunition-TOI

According to Times of India that state can not fight war beyond 15-20 days due to shortage of ammunition. The home-grown Tejas light combat aircraft is still nowhere near being combat-ready despite being in the making for 30 years. The grim reality of critical shortfall in ammunition reserve is adversely impacting the operational readiness of Indian Army as well as the problems dogging the Tejas fighter, which has led to a sharp fall in the number of Indian Air Force fighter squadrons. It was made official by Auditor General of India. In reports tabled in Parliament, the audit watchdog attacked the Tejas Mark-1 jet for being just about 35 % indigenous and falling short on as many as 53 technical requirements greatly reducing its capabilities and survivability in combat. Stocking of 125 of the 170 different types of ammunition was not enough for even 20 days war-fighting or minimum acceptable risk level requirements. Further in 50 % of the ammunition the holding was critical or less than 10 days.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

What Do Labanese Boys and Girls Know about Pakistan (Video)

What do Lebanese think of Pakistan? by cambiarnews None of the Labanese youngsters know about Nawaz Sharif, some of them however, know Imran Khan. They have little knowledge about Pakistan. watch the video

World's Sexiest Nations, Pakistan Listed But India Is Nowhere

Miss Travel, a destination dating site has released a list of world's sexiest people. The list over the weekend has gone viral, not so much for men and women from countries in top ten in general, but for the fact Pakistan figures on it and India is nowhere.
american women and Irish men top the lists and site has based this on a survey of over 110,000 Americans.
**-- The Sexiest Nationalities For Women:-- Armenian (Ist), Barbadians/Bajan, American, Colombian, English, Australian, Brazilian, Philipina, Bulgarian, and Labanese (tenth). **-- The Sexiest Nationalities For Men:- Irish (ist), Australian, Pakistani, American, English, Scottish, Italian, Nigerian, Danish and Spanish (Tenth)

Najam Sethi's Impartial But Factual Comments About India

Najam Sethi said on a private TV channel that Naltar helicopter crash was just an accident not a terrorists plotted plan. Taliban were claiming the responsibility only to spread terror and fear among the people. He also criticized Indian media that they are exaggerating the issue as terrorist activity to malign Pakistan's image on international level and to declare it a failed state. The senior analyst lamented that India was not happy with Pak-China economoc corridor, therfore, India was exercising proxy war in different areas of Pakistan including Balochistan and Karachi. He said, if India did not quite its malacious activities then Pakistan too will start practicing proxy war sooner or later. Sethi said Indian media apparently wanted to champion the cause of free and fair state but biased reporting from TV Channels depicted that they were under government influence. Pakistan army chief general Raheel Sharif has also categorically mentioned Indian intelligence's involvement in FATA, Balochistan and Karachi. India accelarated its propaganda when Pakistan was busy in Zarb e Hazb. He said India was struggling to get access to Afghanistan and Central Asia through every mean without considering the interests of Pakistan or any other state coming into its way.

High Level Personalities Named By Model Ayyan In Money Laundering Case

Pakistani super model Ayyan Ali has given the names of 28 important personalities who were allegedly involved with her in money laundering case who would be included in the investigation. Those persons who were present at the airport when Ayyan was arrested. Their names were not included in the initial report but as now Ayyan named them , they will be included. It is pertinent to mention here that Ayyan was arrested in the mid of March when she tried to smuggle $500,000 to Dubai.

Friday, May 8, 2015

TTP Claims Shooting Down Of MI-17 Helicopter (Video Of Crash)

Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed the responsibility of downing the military helicopter and said that prime minister Nawaz Sharif was their target. Spokesperson of TTP khurasani said in an Urdu statement, "the helicopter was shot down by anti-craft missile.Two pilots and several amabassadors were killed and many were injured. The incident took place in the Naltar valley of Gilgat. Nawaz Sharif also visited the accident site. Amabassadors from Philippines and Norway were killed while wives of Indonesian and Malaysian abbassadors were also killed.
Exclusive Pics Of Gilgit Helicopter Crash by zemtv

David Cameron Will Retain His Seat As PM In UK

David Cameron has won in the 56th general election on Friday in the United Kingdom and will hold his seat of prime minister. According to international media sources, final result of the election has yet to be announced but David Camerons party has won enough seats to help him retain his seat. He said this time the election compaign was really tough for me. On the other hand according to incomplete and un authenticated polls in the United Kingdom five Pakistan born candidates have also succeeded in the election. They are Naz Shah, ahmad Sheikh, Yasmeen Qureshi, Imran Hussain and Sadiq Khan. According to official results of 453 seats out 650, Conservative party won 187 seats, followed by Labour party with 183 and SNP being on third number has won 55 seats. These were the most suspense filled elections in the history of UK. According to latest report Ed Miliband of Labour paarty has resigned from the leadership of the party. Conservatives won enough seats to form government alone.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How The Faisalabad Female Students Are Saving Their Beauty From Sun (Video)

Faisalabad - Talibaat Ke Garmi Se Bachne Ke Jatan by zemtv

55th Parliamentary Elections In UK

Millions of people will be casting their votes in Uk's general elections. Polls open at British Summer Time at 0700 at around 50,000 polling stations across the country. The polling time will end at 1000 PM (PST) and a significant number of people from Pakistani Community will cast their votes. David Cameron from Conservative Party, Ed Miliband from Labour Party and Nick Clegg from Liberal Democrats have been nominated for the crown of prime minister from their respective parties. A total of 650 Westminister MPs will be elected, with about 50 million people registered to vote. In addition to the general election, there are more than 9,000 council seats being contested across 279 English local authorities. Mayors will also elected in Bedford, Copeland, Leicester, Mansfield, Middlesbrough and Torbay.

Kendall Jenner In Bed With Justin Bieber In Racy Instagram

As all probably know, like the rest of her family, Kendall Jenner is not exactly shy when it comes to sharing some very revealing instagram pics with her million of followers. Nude photos of Kendall are not quite a daily occurrence, but she certainly posts enough to keep pace with her racy-selfie-loving-sisters. The other day she not only posted and then quickly deleted a nude photo, she also shared a mysterious image that has fans questioning everything they thought they knew about KJ's love life. As you can see that is the black and white photo of the two people, in bed. Obviously, we can not see their faces, but there has been a lots of speculation that one of the people is Kendall. And for the dude she has all tangled up with? Well, Kendall did not tag any one but fans can guess, who could be? that she is too close to now a days.