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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Najam Sethi's Impartial But Factual Comments About India

Najam Sethi said on a private TV channel that Naltar helicopter crash was just an accident not a terrorists plotted plan. Taliban were claiming the responsibility only to spread terror and fear among the people. He also criticized Indian media that they are exaggerating the issue as terrorist activity to malign Pakistan's image on international level and to declare it a failed state. The senior analyst lamented that India was not happy with Pak-China economoc corridor, therfore, India was exercising proxy war in different areas of Pakistan including Balochistan and Karachi. He said, if India did not quite its malacious activities then Pakistan too will start practicing proxy war sooner or later. Sethi said Indian media apparently wanted to champion the cause of free and fair state but biased reporting from TV Channels depicted that they were under government influence. Pakistan army chief general Raheel Sharif has also categorically mentioned Indian intelligence's involvement in FATA, Balochistan and Karachi. India accelarated its propaganda when Pakistan was busy in Zarb e Hazb. He said India was struggling to get access to Afghanistan and Central Asia through every mean without considering the interests of Pakistan or any other state coming into its way.

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